Main Events

Edythe Holbrook, David Webber

Susan Bevan and Sergei Markov

Marianne Wyman with
Alexey Serov and Andrey Snegirev

Maxim Rubtsov, Alexey Serov,
Maxim Orekhov

Bevan And Daddino Host
Quintet In Greenwich

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by Kathleen DiGiovanna

HE Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet made a special visit to Greenwich, Connecticut, to perform at the home of Susan Bevan and Anthony Daddino.

Darby Cartun, Suzanne Geiss, Robbins and Marianne Wyman hosted the concert held on the veranda overlooking the harbor. The quintet played eight Russian folk songs by Anatoly Liadov, Carmen Suite by Georges Bizet, Vocalise by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Two Moods composed by Andrey Rubstov, and Flight of the Bumble Bee by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Orchestra CEO Sergei Markov introduced the musicians: Maxim Rubtsov, flute; Andrey Shuty, clarinet; Maxim Orekhov, oboe, Alexey Serov, French Horn; and Andrey Snegirev, bassoon. They were just back from Japan after winning the first prize at the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition.

Marianne Wyman spoke of the RNO's 15th anniversary gala dinner, which she is chairing on March 7, 2006, with honorary chairs Sophia Loren, Martha Stewart and Charles Simonyi, the former chief architect of Microsoft.

Leading the applause were Rita Mehos, David Webber, Edythe Holbrook, Stephen De Angelis, Andrea Pappas, John Wyman, Joan Warburg, Pam and Bob Goergen, Alexey Serov, Joan and George Schiele, Barbara Brickman, Gurnee and Marjorie Hart, Anne Semme, Elizabeth and Charles Bausman, Abby and Michael Pillari and Maxim Orekhov.

Main Events

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