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Franklinís Cool Tools
You Canít Do Without

RANKLIN Electronic Publishers ( has a dazzling array of handheld learning devices. With its Touch File Pro Organizer you can keep your schedule with you at all times. The six-line backlit display is more than adequate. You can store thousands of entries in the 2MB memory. Its full screen calendar, connection to Outlook on your desktop, local and world time, advanced calculator, scheduler with alarm and extra content on a CD make this product a must-have. RT-8214.

The Times Electronic Crossword holds some 800 crosswords from the London Times. You have a choice between cryptic and quick crosswords. In case youíre stumped thereís help from the crossword solver and anagram solver, so donít despair. CGT-300, $59.95.

Merriam-Webster Electronic Dictionary, Pagemark Edition, billed as the perfect reading companion, contains 80,000 words. In addition it includes a local and world clock, calculator and currency/measurement converter and a databank to store important names and phone numbers, and word games to sharpen your language skills. It is so thin you clip it onto your book. MWD-520. $49.95.

Childrenís Speller & Dictionary, suitable for kids from age 6, includes more than 40,000 definitions, Spanish and French phrases, a feature that helps you choose the right word when they sound alike, a handwriting guide, a calculator so you can check your math homework and, of course, some games. After all, this is for kids. HW-1216. $24.95.

Lifeís Essentials

AutoTape from Black & Decker is a powered tape measure that extends up to 25 feet with the touch of a finger. Touch again and the tape retracts. This enables you to keep one hand free. Makes measuring along a wall or floor easy. Comes with 4 AAA batteries. List $30.14. price $24.50.

Master Lock and Travel Sentry Lock can be used for your checked bags at the airport without interfering with the Transportation Security Administrationís requirement to open luggage for inspection. This is a TSA approved lock that inspectors can open with a combination of codes and secured tools, inspect your bag, then re-lock it and send it on its way. Itís the perfect solution to have your checked bags locked from the public but available for inspection by TSA agents. Available at

WinDVD 7 affords a theater-like experience while watching your favorite movies on your computer. The Gold edition ($49) will appeal to business travelers who want an easy way to enjoy high quality movie playback. The Platinum ($69) is designed for those interested in enhancing their home theater and multimedia experience through their PC. Those are power users who seek the latest audio/video technologies and the ability to fine-tune the controls. You can share favorite clips with friends or watch a video sequence in reverse. More at

Norazza offers a heavy duty, super padded carryall that delivers gorilla strength protection. The Ape Case Tri-Fold Traveler is digital camera case and fold out accessory wallet. It opens to three sections with various pockets to secure your camera, money, map, digital media cards and other necessities. Carry it on your belt or shoulder, or clip it to stroller or bike. Price $29.99. See more at or order at 954 583-8545.

Tide To Go is a great idea when you travel, out on a date or anytime away from home. Itís a stain removal pen that you carry in your pocket, backpack or briefcase so youíre ready for any stain from fresh food, ketchup, BBQ sauce or drinks. Available in single pack, 3-pack and 5-pack at $2.99, $6.99 and $8.99.

The PET List For Kids

3D Pool Table is a multidimensional concept that allows you to play your balls vertically as well as horizontally. The two-year-old Zocker Toys, known for its unique foam sport balls, has come up with a winner. This game of pool will last longer than traditional small billiard tables. You can aim at the tri-level pool table from tabletop or on the floor. $129.99. More at

Water Darts from Zocker Toys is a great water game for children over four years of age. Two inflatable rings with removable targets and four foam darts guarantee lots of fun in the pool. See it at

SuperBlankie attaches to the harness of any baby carrier, car seat, bouncy chair and even swings and bicycle trailer to keep your baby warm. Available from Becky Dawson in Fleece or Flannel, both 100 percent cotton, and waterproof Nylon lined with fleece. Also Luxury, with brocade silk and velvet. Retails between $14.95 and $20.95 at

Angel Alert Child Distance Monitor emits an audible warning signal when the wearer strays a certain distance away from his guardian. The device consists of two small pieces Ė a transmitter the person wears and a receiver for the caretaker. The transmitter includes a panic button the wearer can press if he loses sight of his guardian or feels in danger or distressed. Priced at $39.99 at

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