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Tim Boxer
Senior PET

Johnathan Boxer
Junior PET

The PET List

AGELLAN’S leads the industry with travel tools to make any journey more comfortable and pleasant. For example, when airport security requires shoe removal, just put on the Disposable Feetwrap foot covers to avoid exposing your feet to dirt, germs and fungi. Package of 10 pairs, $9.98. Order at Call 800 962-4943 for a catalog. Here are other new Magellan essentials for the savvy traveler.

Lingo Talking Translator gives you access to more than 200,000 and 23,000 phrases both orally and in writing in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It even includes currency and metric converter, calculator, databank and time in 200 cities. $199.

StudioPhonic HEAROS In-Ear Speakers fit directly into the ear canal, sealing it from external noise,so you hear nithing but the music, not even the drone of the jet engine. Use it with the audio system on the plane, or with your portable CD, DVD and MP3 players and laptops. $149.

Folding Travel Cane offers solid support when you need it, and folds up for 11.5 inches for simple storage in your carry-on. This full-length cane (adjustable from 33 to 37 inches) has a sculpted maple handle. Looks sharp. Black , $29.85; Paisley, $39.85; Canterbury, with slimmer shaft for women. $39.85.

Teva Water Shoe is perfect for rocky areas, cruise ships or at the pool. This amphibious shoe is form-fitting so it stays on under water. $34.85.  

1st Class Sleeper turns your coach seat into a comfort zone. Inflate it with a dozen quick breaths and you’re ready to relax on any long haul, arriving completely rested. Fold it in half and use as a lumbar pillow. $39.85.

Tilley AIRFLO Hat, made of nylon with mesh ventilation band, repels rain and mildew and protects against the sun’s harmful rays. Machine washable. $62.

Wrinkle-Free Shirt with straight hem, long sleeves, side slits and button cuffs will have any woman look chic on the road. Machine washable. Available in rosewood, white or lapis, size 4-18. $59.

Tencel/cotton T-shirt, made of lightweight jersey stretch knit is appropriate for layering or accessorizing, dress-up or sport. Three-quarter sleeve in pear, pink or black, $27. Short sleeve in white, blue or lava, $24.

BuzzNot Suspenders will get you through security without a sound. Made of elastic with leather crosspatch, these suspenders come with plastic clips instead of the usual metal. $19.85

PET Favorites

Auto Mobiles keep a child entertained and feeling at home on the road. Invented by Cheryl Wells, Auto Mobiles have expressive, vibrant colors to appeal to a child while buckled up in the rear car seat. They peel off easily without damage to the ceiling fabric. Retail for $12.99 at

Forza Motorsport, the first fully customizable driving simulator for Xbox, offers authentic handling and damage physics, lifelike graphics and realistic tuning options. You can collect more than 230 models from 45 manufacturers, take them to the garage to install alternative engines, and simulate authentic car performance. After you create your very own auto, you’re read for the races.

Susan Dunk’s ToddlerCoddler provides head and neck support to keep your child’s head from slumping or drooping while sleeping in stroller or car seat. It can be used for special-needs children, including those with low muscle tone. Priced at $29.95 at

Titanium Optics Binoculars is a high quality 10X50 all-purpose binoculars ideal for hunting, bird watching and sightseeing. Includes carrying case, hand strap and cleaning cloth. Priced at $24.99. More information at

EA Sports TV Games represent the most technologically advanced plug-it-in-and-play games on the market, part of the Platinum Series from JAKKS Pacific. Two versions are out now: Madden ’95 and NHL ’95. Get four AA batteries and then plug in the A/V output jacks into your TV set and play. Built-in memory will save your stats. Priced at $25 for one player, $35 for two players. See more at

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