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Travel Items To Make
Your Journey Pleasant

AGELLANíS is the first place savvy world travelers go to prepare for their journeys. Here are some of the essential travel tools youíll find in the winter catalog, which you may obtain by calling 1-800-962-4943. To order the following items, refer to the catalog numbers at

Magellanís III Ballistic Collection includes the 24" Expandable Ballistic Rolling Upright, LC880, $239. The luggage has extra hidden pockets and is ideal for flat packing. The molded grip on the bottom makes it easy to lift into overhead bins and racks. The built-in suiter is removable to keep your clothes hanging wrinkle-free. The large vinyl ID window on the back makes for instant recognition of your suitcase. The bag expands for an additional 3 inches of packing space.

MVision Tote, LC898, $179. This smart ballistic nylon tote has room for lots of gear as well as clothing and toilet kit. Two zippered front pockets allow you to store small items, including keys and other metal objects, to help you breeze through security. A third pocket with a spring-loaded door will hold your cell phone, MP3 player or PDA for easy access. The double handle attaches to each other magnetically. The MRoller attaches for smooth rolling, and spas off for stashing in one of the pockets.

Giant Screen Alarm Clock, AC454, $29.85, has a huge display of current time plus alarm time and date for easy reading in the dark. Even comes with one AAA battery.

Menís Travelite Jacket, MJ4802, $99, is ideal for year-round travel as it offers lightweight, waterproof, breathable protection. Fully taped seams as well as storm flap and adjustable cuffs keep moisture out. The hood with drawcord rolls up and stores inside the collar. Furthermore the jacket stores in its own pocket, making it a proper pillow.

Womenís Gloves, MG926, $14.85, are soft fleece, lightweight, and quick drying. Reinforced palm means long-lasting wear.

Magic Lift Active Support Bra, MU1005, $32.85, with patented inner band lifts, separates and supports. Wider cushioned non-slip shoulder straps convey secure comfort. The Lycra sides and back move with you. It comes in sizes 38B to 50H. They say itís airport security friendly.

Womenís Waterproof Boots, SS568, $79, are nylon boots with soft faux fur lining to keep your feet warm. The front zipper lets you put them on and take them off easily. The sole is slip-resistant and featherweight. The boot tops fold over for compact packing.

Mary Janes Shoes, SS7151, $99, are made by Arcopedico of Portugal, designers of quality womenís shoes for 38 years. These look great with dresses, pants and shorts which make them ideal for travel. Velcro strap closure, Sanitized lining fights odor and bacteria, and built-in "foot mattress" for support and shock absorption.

Menís Muckers Shoes, SS367, $79, are slip-ons with a waterproof sueded upper, sock liner, padded removable innersole and waterproof slip-resistant rubber outsole. It all adds up to an ideal wet weather walking shoe. Available in gray in whole sizes 7-13.

Menís Travel Jacket, MJ1535, $149, in a classic two-button style, with a blend of silk and wool. Its multi-colored mini-check of browns, beiges and black allow you to wear it with almost any color pants. Now thatís an essential all-purpose travel jacket. It has five interior security pockets, two with zippers.


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Protect Yourself
Against Attack

YMANTEC leads with information security. The company, based in Cupertino, Calif., still offers the easiest and smartest way to keep your PC running at its best. It continues to protect you from viruses and other malicious code. You can order at at

Norton System Works 2005 includes, for the first time, a full version of Norton GoBack, which allows you to undo computer problems by retoring your PC to a time when it was working properly.

The software suite also has a full version of Norton AntiVirus, which features new Internet Worm Protection (and you know how vital that is); CheckIt Diagnostics, for a thorough evaluation hardware; Norton Utilities to fix your hard drive; Norton Ghost, and System Optimizer, which lets you control most Windows XP settings from one location Ė tools to help you maintain your machine in top working order.

Norton Internet Security 2005 suite contains the three essentials of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Personal Firewall and Norton AntiSpam. In addition the suite also has Norton Privacy Control and Norton Parental Control.

I am quite satisfied with the performance of Norton AntiSpam Ė in fact I couldnít live without it. It works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, and Yahoo! Web email by collecting spam in a special spam folder. You can delete the contents of the spam folder at your leisure, saving you valuable time in dealing with this annoyance.


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Banish Unwanted Noise

RO-TECH has a new and improved model of its superior NoiseBuster active noise reduction headphone, which was first introduced 11 years ago. NoiseBuster NB-FX, at $69, delivers noise cancellation performance when you need it most Ė while mowing the lawn, flying in a noisy jet, commuting among chattering cellphone folk, riding the sound-blasting subway, or in any similar irritating environment.

The open-back design makes the NoiseBuster comfortable to wear. It folds for easy storage and carrying. A carry bag, dual prong adapter and AAA battery are included in the package. Available for $69 at


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Playtime For Kids

MONG Playmobilís countless wonderful toys for children are the following three special attractions which really delighted our Junior PET.

Playmobil Noahís Ark makes your young ones partners with Noah in saving the worldís animals. The play environment features 22 animals, of course in two-by-two formation. The ark floats in water. It provides a convenient way to teach children about different animals as well as counting. It is equipped with a working crane, a storeroom for bales of hay, cages in the hull, and sleeping room in the roof. Noahís Ark has a suggested retail price of $69.99 at specialty retailers and Toys Rí Us Times Square. See more at

Playmobil Crane is an operable crane that helps little ones play "construction" by moving the crane six different ways with its integrated steering. Comes with two construction figures that are even equipped with their own cell phones. Now youíll have to get your young players their own cell phones to keep in contact with their construction workers. Collapsible for easy carrying. Three AA batteries required. The crane has a retail value of $69.99 at specialty retailers and Toys Rí Us Times Square.

Playmobil Tree House play set takes adventure to a whole new level Ė up into the trees! The Tree House features a secret trap door and a treasure. Children can imagine themselves relaxing in the hammock or grilling up breakfast that hungry wolves threaten to steal. Retails for $39.99 at specialty retailers, Target, Toys Rí Us, and Toys Rí Us Times Square.


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On The Book Shelf

RONT Porch Classics, a quality games manufacturer in Seattle, has issued a bookshelf edition of its highly rated Shut-The-Box game. Instead of squirreling away the game in a closet, ultimately to be forgotten, you replace the game on your book shelf. It is always on view and always ready for play.

This classic game is loads of fun. Players throw the dice, lay down any combination of tiles that match your roll, and continue until someone wins with a low score. Or better yet, until someone lays down all the tiles and shuts the box.

See more classic games at


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Play Ball

AKING playing baseball in the backyard a safer sport, Mark. J. Gibson of Califon, N.J., invented the Xtra Fielder net system to solve many irritable problems. When a team has too few players, it can result in an open position behind home plate and in the field. How many times have you seen the batter running to retrieve missed pitches?

Gibson conceived a playing field with four flexible nets. Each has two legs to insert into the grass or sand (plastic stands are optional for hard surfaces). With a net behind the batter, you donít need a catcher. The net acts as backstop, catcher and strike zone. If the ball lands in the net, itís a strike. How neat is that?

In the field, if a ball lands in the net by the base, before the runner reaches it, the runner is out.

The set consists of four nets, Wiffle brand ball, Wiffle brand bat, assembly instructions and game rules. See it in action at and order the set for $39.95.


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Junior PET Recommends

ILD PLANET makes toys that are immensely appealing to youngsters. The company, based in San Francisco, sparks the imagination with play products "without relying on violence." They offer several brands: Off the Map, targeting boys, and GLS, made for girls. Here is a sampling for boys. See more at

Explorerís Positioning System is a high tech device with which you can track friends and pets, strangers too, up to 75 feet away. Watch out for bears in the back of your house or guard your gear while you go inside for lunch. For ages 4 and up, $24.99.

Trail Light is a head-mounted explorerís lamp for ages 4 and up. You can take the lamp off its headband and use it as a hand-held flashlight.

Explorerís Gloves, which fit the adventurous hands of 4-year-olds and up, are actually seven tools in one: watch, compass, magnifying lens, signal lights, grip clips, utility cord and tweezers. What more do you need to go out and explore the wilds of your backyard or local park. $19.99.

ECOMMENDED items for girls come under the GLS brand. You may see all its stylish stuff at A sampling follows:

My Voice Alarm Clock, for ages 8 and up, lets you record your own wake-up message so itís your own familiar voice you hear that gets you out of bed.

Photo Gallery is a changeable photo wall for your snapshots. With the poster-size photo wall comes stick-on captions for up to 40 pictures and a spotlight to illuminate your display.

Mini Room Mates is a package for 8-year-olds and up that includes a lamp, fan and radio Ė great for your bedside table at home and mighty convenient when you travel.

Dazzliní Doorway is a colorful curtain with sound effects. Dress up your room and record a personal message, such as "No boys allowed" or "Youíre a superstar," that will sound when crosses into your space. Needless to say, itís strictly for cool girls 8 and up. $24.99.

ICKELODEONíS SpongeBob Squarepants is another Wild Planet brand. Foremost in this category is the Krabby Patty Station, which allows you to make yummy Krabby Patties with the buns, lettuce and tomatoes.

This fry grill comes with all the fixinís to delight the youngsters and keep them occupied in the kitchen in the kitchen. The grill makes sizzling sounds, the burners light up when "hot," the removable fry basket makes crackling sounds as you dunk the fries, the knobs turn and click.

Spongebob even assists in your toil as he sings, talks and lets you know when your cookiní is done. $24.95.

Here are other Spongebob toys in this category. Note that these are sale prices, subject to change. See them all at

Krusty Krab Cash Register, with play cash and credit card. SpongeBob says six different phrases.

Bikini Bottom Binoculars, $9.99

Sea Clamshell Walkie Talkies, $14.99


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Gadgets And Gear

Beat Blenders fit in the palm of your hand. Itís a music creation system that lets wannabe DJs ages 8 and up to blend pre-recorded music in a variety of categories: hip hop, alternative rock, techno, power rock, hot hits and Shrek. Collect any of six models of these mini music studios, connect multiple units, and create expandable layers of riffs and loops. Each unit comes with a built-in connection cable and also Ė parents will appreciate this Ė a headphone jack. See more at

Kidz Gear Headphones are made especially for the young set. These stereo headphones work with DVD, MP3s, video games and CDs. Suitable for ages 2 and up. Kids cause them in the car, in flight, and in the home. Anywhere except in class. Maybe there, too, but only in controlled situations, of course. $19.99 at

Cloud 9 is a fun board game for 3 to 6 players, ages 8 to adult. You get dice, cards, tokens, markers, game board, and an elevated balloon basket. The higher your balloon rises, the more points you score. $12.99 at

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