Eric Javits and
Andrea Karambelas

Melissa Berkelhammar

Mark Gilbertson and
Elizabeth Merck

Polly Onet and
Ward Simmons

Chicettes Raise Heat
For Red-Scarlet Night

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by Michael Loccismo/Patrick McMullan

YOUNG, social and hip crowd put on their crimson finery and descended the dark red staircase to the Doubles Club, at the Sherry Netherland Hotel. The associate committee, including Heather Sargent, Mimi Moulton, Mary Van Pelt and Mark Gilbertson, and its guiding light Wendy Carduner, proclaimed the night Red-Scarlet and placed hundreds upon hundreds of red balloons everywhere.

A huge arc of balloons swayed as "chicettes" such as Eva Dillon in a sizzling red dress by Celine, Bryn Johnson, Melissa Berkelhammar, Lisa Gorrivan, Elizabeth Merck in a black low cut dress by Prada, Eugenie Niven, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Alta Thorne in a turquoise Prada dress with glittering jewels cascading down the front, Eric Javits, Elizabeth Meigher, Tatiana Papanicolaou looking stunning in a scarlet strapless dress by Versace, Blair Husain, Geoffrey Bradfield, Andrea Karambelas and Jared DuPont Goss, entered the dining room.

Friends mingled amid laughter and clinking glasses before sitting down to a mouthwatering supper of Chicken Cordon Bleu, mixed greens and an eggplant and mozzarella fraize.

After dinner, tables were pushed back and guests kicked up their heels and danced the night away.

Among those who got the temperature rising were Polly Onet, Douglas Lake, Suzannah Smith, Michael Cargo, Gillian Miniter, Peter Smith, Harper’s Bazaar’s Kristina Stewart, Ward Simmons, Jonathon and Elizabeth Elliot, Donna Simonelli, Luis Montero, Katherine Nedelkoff, Peter Manice, Rebecca Silver, Ward Simmons, Melinda Dubow, John Royal, Phoebe Donham, Vaughn Massey, Donna Allen, Stuart Mclean, Andrea Karambelas, Laura Yaggy, Tom Murphy, Monique Yazigi, Mary Van Pelt, Shelby Burley, Virginia Apple, Wibby Sebener, Mimi Moulton and Nicole Perry.

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