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Magellan’s Has Everything
You Need For Your Travels

AGELLAN’S, your one source for quality travel supplies, has released its early fall catalog that should be in your hand before you venture on your next journey. For your copy call toll free 1-800-962-4943, or review these essential travel tools at where you may order the following items and many other wayfarer necessities.

The Walking Bag is one you can lean on. The EZ Swany is a rolling tote with four swiveling wheels that make it easy to maneuver in any direction by way of its no-pinch top handle. And if you get tired waiting on line to check in, you can rest by leaning on it. It can support up to 300 pounds – of course, I don’t mean you. This carry-on has a large mesh zippered pocket, plus three removable mesh utility pockets, a snap-off zippered bag and elastic garment straps. The four-wheel construction, which takes one-sixth of the effort to roll, affords a remarkably smooth cruise in a crowd and through the ticket gates. It’s half the size of most carry-on bags, yet holds just as much. Model LC259, price $145.

Man’s Microlight Jacket folds up into its own pocket that fits in the palm of your hand, yet is a full-size windproof water-resistant jacket. Tuck it away in your purse or day bag, and be prepared for any change in the weather. It’s simply perfect to carry whenever the weather is unpredictable. Made of soft nylon, with two zippered pockets, a hood with draw cord and elastic cuffs. MJ341, $29.85.

Woman’s Travelite Jacket is mesh-lined and lightweight, perfect to keep the wind and rain from putting a damper on your travel plans. The hood with draw cord rolls up and stores inside the collar. It has internal security pockets and outside storage pockets. The waist and hem both have their own draw cords. Made of nylon in black or sand. MJ3802, $119.

Rib-Knit Separates promises incredible comfort and wrinkle-free packability. There are several pieces that you can mix and match to create your own personal outfit. Pictured is the ¾ sleeve crop jacket in black, MJ2061, $99, and matching pull-on skirt with elastic waist, MD9942, $69. Made of lightweight acetate/Lycra, washable. Now you’re ready for an evening out on the town – anywhere in the world.

J-Pocket Sweater is a versatile addition to your travel wardrobe. A smooth blend of acrylic and cotton makes this a comfortable cardigan. With a shawl collar and J pockets, it can serve as a smart blazer. Hand washable, which makes it perfect for the journey. MS382, $69.

Ventura Cork Sandals from Teva with soft sueded top soles, cork wrapped midsole, and rubber outsoles provide long distance comfort and good traction. Leather covered tri-rings and strapping system allow for soft but secure fit. Black, red, brown or cous cous (pictured), SS638, $75.

Ionic Hairsetter saves you from wasting your valuable time in foreign beauty salons when you could be out visiting the sites. The lightweight Remington case packs five medium and five large rollers that are dual voltage, designed to travel. Plastic clips tuck into their own nylon pouch. EP202R, $29.85. We recommend Ionic Hairsetter with Plugs which contains the four most commonly needed electrical adaptor plugs for foreign countries. EP270K, $36.85.

Toilet Kit, created in 1919, became a popular item with GIs in the Second World War. This classic zippered toiletry bag holds all your essential grooming needs. Small items tuck into an interior pocket. Crafted of faux leather with vinyl lining. LB928, $29.85.

Shoe Bags made of stretch cotton with draw string closures come in assorted colors and fit all sizes. I used to pack my shoes in plastic shopping bags until I discovered these at Magellan’s. What a difference! Two pairs of bags in a set. LP349N, $9.85.


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Show Your Good Taste
With Elegant Leica D-Lux

HE most gorgeously designed digital camera in existence has to be the new Leica D-Lux. No wonder it earned the prestigious iF Design Gold Award at CeBit, the world’s largest computer trade show.

You expect quality from a Leica product, and you get it. The D-Lux is made with an aluminum body. The main controls are made pf metal and not plastic like most other digital cameras.

The high-quality fine leather carrying case comes in five different colors. There’s a very handy second small case for an extra battery and second SD card.

The camera, with 3.34 mega pixels, is equipped with a triple zooms lens that’s equivalent to a 35-105 zoom lens on a 35mm camera.

The pictures I made with the Leica D-Lux were sharp and brilliant. The camera retails for $900.


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Perfect DVD Player

EATURING a tablet design, the DRC618N RCA Portable DVD Player is so fashionably packaged you’ll be proud to take it everywhere – on a flight, in the back of the car, or in bed. The seven-inch widescreen display is bright, the battery lasts for three hours, and you can connect to video games, camcorders and TV sets with audio/video cables. A card-size remote is included.

Also in the box are a soft carrying bag, an accessory bag, car headrest case, worldwide AC/DC adapter, and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack. Onscreen menus come in English, French or Spanish. Suggested retail: $449.


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What A Way To Go

UICK-MILE is a handy gadget to have when you’re on the road and wondering how many more miles to go. Bobby Wright of Mobile , Alabama , who co-invented the gadget, says it is essential for all travelers.

This very simple, but highly useful, item will give you the mileage from one city to another. There are two sets of arrows. Press the red arrows to scroll up or down to get your first city in the top window, and the green arrows to get your destination in the second window, and the distance in miles pops up in the bottom display.

Order from for $19.95.


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Real-time Combat

OUR heroes – a sultry wizardess, a soaring gunslinger, a powerful swordsman and a dark huntress – make up the core of Sudeki, Microsoft’s new role-playing DVD game  for the Xbox video game system.

As you play through, you will experience bone-crunching combat including slow motion effects, incredible magic, immense detailed worlds to explore, and more than 65 enemies to battle against. Estimated retail $49.95.


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Test Your TV IQ

ON’T Quote Me, TV Guide Edition is a delightful game of skill and knowledge that tests your knowledge of TV lore in the five categories of drama, movies, comedy, news/talk/sports and “stay tuned.”

You score points for your quote quotient by identifying the speaker of the quote. To help you, you’re given interesting details about each quote.

Two to five players, or teams, compete with the 2,000 quotes and questions, 300 color coded game cards and 100 TV Guide cards on the game board. Great fun for everyone from 14 and up. Priced at $29.95.


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Kid Friendly Peripherals

IDZMOUSE makes computer products for children. Actually their computer peripherals are suitable for anyone, adults too, with small hands.

KidzMouse Keys is a kid friendly keyboard with 67 keys instead of the standard 104. The keys are rounded and color-coded to make typing fun and easy to use.

What’s a keyboard without a mouse. They have the right one in the KidzMouse Scroll Mouse shaped like a ladybug.  It’s PC and MAC compatible.

In addition there’s KidzMouse Ears – multimedia headphones – for children ages 9 to 13. Has comfortable leatherette wraps; ear pads can be cleaned or replaced. Don’t connect to a USB port. Instead, locate the receptacle for the 3.5mm plug and snap it in for plug and play.


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Jumping High

HE Jumping Skateboard is an extreme freestyle board for use on any surface, including grass and rough terrain. Priced at $99, it’s geared for kids age 5 and above, with recommended weight of 175 pounds. It’s made of aluminum with shock absorbers. You can adjust the suspension for height and compression strength. See more at

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