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Linda Clifford, Stuart Kalinsky and

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Marco Margarita Party Pops
On The Hamptons Art Scene

Story by Edward T. Callaghan
Photos by Rob Rich

OUTHAMPTON'S usually quite Windmill Lane received a big burst of energy and color with the opening of Fondrisi Gallery, dedicated to exhibiting the works of the best international pop artists.

John Fondrisi, who cut his teeth in the hustle and bustle of Soho , decided to return to his native East End and take a crack at making a place for himself in the Hamptons art market.  If his opening exhibition is any indication, J.J., as his pals call him, is well on his way.

His premier exhibition of internationally acclaimed artist Marco pulled in the Hamptons ’ hippest and most avid crowd of collectors.  Not since Keith Harring has a young artist so quickly and indelibly impacted both the commercial world and fine art scene.

In the past 10 years the colorful art of this creative whirlwind – which blends classic pop with a joie de vivre and kicky verve – has turned up on everything and everyone, from conventional canvases and prints, to mouse pads, high-fashion mannequins in GQ, duvet covers, even boxer shorts. Watch giant Swatch commissioned Marco to paint over 50 of its stores worldwide in addition to having him create the best selling artist Swatch of all time, The Alien Baby.

Power lawyer Barry Slotnick and his wife Donna were the first to arrive at the opening party.  They purchased three colorful and kooky Marco creations.  Stuart Kalinsky also walked home with an original Marco.

Ivan Wilzig, heir to a banking fortune, came down from his Watermill castle with a limousine full of pretty young things and two artists from his newly formed record label.  DJ Lee Kalt immediately popped into the sound system Ivan's latest techno dance music.  Add the spicy jalapeno poppers and zesty margaritas and you had the perfect complement to Marco's works that flooded three rooms with brilliant color.

The fun-loving art crowd included designer/author Mary Ellen Winston, Susan Schwartzmann, Joseph Velez with his new fiancée Shaska Star, top Kerry fundraiser Sandra Bennett with her daughter Lisa, and the artist's parents Pat and Phil Marco, who ferried over from their North Fork vineyard.

Hat designer Tracy Tooker, who has covered the heads of the Hamptons elite and every first lady since Roslyn Carter, was back on the Job's Lane scene just in time to dress the polo and garden party crowd.

Fondrisi, so thrilled with the success of Marco's exhibition –14 of his oversized works were sold that night alone – that he plans on making the Marco Margarita Party an annual event.  We'll be there!

Main Events

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