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Fun On A Tractor

S SOON as the chain-driven vehicle from Peg-Perego was assembled in the playroom, Johnathan couldn’t wait to try it out in the backyard. Our Junior PET hopped on the John Deere Tractor with Loader and squealed with delight.

This pedal construction tractor is quite suitable for the kid, as he just turned 2, and the vehicle is geared for children 2 to 6 years old. The bicycle chain is enclosed for safety.

Johnathan can’t wait to take the tractor out in the yard where he can get behind the wheel and maneuver the front loader over the neatly manicured lawn and scoop, carry and dump. What fun!

See more at John Deere Loader, Model IGCDO517, made in Canada , is available for $149 at or 1-800-266-6971 as well as other outlets.\


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Prepare For Travel

AGELLAN’S, America ’s leading supplier of necessities for the wise traveler, is offering the following must-have items. See them at where you may order these and many other desirable products that will make your trek on the road more comfortable, whether you travel by car, plane or train.

Eagle Creek Vagabond is a great shoulder bag that holds your daily necessities. Water bottle is included. Padded zippered cell phone pocket. The zippered main compartment is quite roomy. Back pocket with hidden zipper holds your valuables. The organizer panel with multiple pockets and compartments is for credit cards, passport, boarding pass, maps and other items you need with you. Model LB241, black or palm. $49.85.

Teva Sandals are so comfortable that they’re perfect for walking, trekking and traveling in general. Three adjustable Velcro straps, two in front and one in back, assure a perfect fit. Shock pads absorb the shocks. Men’s Model SS126 in sizes 7-13, priced at $85. Women’s Model SS127 in sizes 5-11, priced at $79.

Magellan’s III Rolling Carry-On Tote lets you carry it three ways – with handles, padded shoulder strap, or roll it on wheels. The main compartment has mesh pockets that holds your clothes and accessories. In the center is an open compartment to hold books or your purse. Another open compartment in the book is for magazines or books. Made of ballistic nylon with leather trim. Model LC989 available in black or Scottish sage, $129.

Go-Everywhere Travel Vest, made from DuPont nylon that’s windproof, fast drying, stain resistant and wrinkle resistant, is indeed light as a breeze. With four exterior pockets and three inside, you have plenty of secure room to carry personal valuables as well as camera accessories. Suitable for men and women. Model MV4001, black or khaki. $59.

Dry Case is a transparent leak-proof pouch to protect your valuables from moisture. You can use it to store toiletries such as shampoo bottles to prevent them from leaking and ruining your clothes. Small size, LP379, $14.85; medium LP412, $16.85; large LP410, $19.85.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion is for anyone who spends time on a plane or in a car. Makes sitting for hours a pleasure, not a pain. Prevents stiff back and tired tush. The specially positioned U-shaped cutout suspends your tailbone to relieve pressure on the spinal cord. Model IF415, charcoal gray washable cover, $69.

Combo Locks that can be used for checked baggage. If need be, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can unlock your baggage for inspection with their own secured tools, then put the locks back on. Model SL767, in black, yellow or red. $19.85 a pair.

Keyed Padlocks are also TSA friendly, which means you may use these to secure your checked baggage. Two keys per lock, two locks per order. Model SL432 in black or yellow. $6.85 a pair.



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Finder Of Lost Files

HO do you call when you want to get back a file that you deleted? Executive Software’s Undelete 4.0 will do the job. It will recover your file instantly from your Recycle Bin.

Even after you’ve emptied your Recycle Bin, Undelete 4.0 will search your disk till it finds your lost file. (As long as the file hasn’t been overwritten yet.)

Actually when you install Undelete 4.0, it will replace your Recycle Bin with a “catch everything” Recovery Bin. From there it will retrieve any file you deleted.

There are three Undelete editions. The Server and Professional editions are geared for networks, while the Home edition works on your desktop, without the networking features.

Undelete 4.0 runs on professional versions of Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


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Journeyman’s Red

Hungary Sends Wine To U.S.

HIS summer you’ll notice a new display at your local liquor store: wine from Hungary . Craftsman Wine is offering six different bottles of white, and three different bottles of red.

Each bottle retails between $8 and $10.

There is one exceptional bottle, labeled Tokaji Aszu 1993, an outstanding red wine costing $40. It’s bottled by the Hilltop Neszmely Winery.

This sweet wine is delicious as an aperitif or after dinner. Of course, it’s to be tasted and savored on special occasions.

The other two reds are Falconer’s 2001, a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and Journeyman’s 2003, a blend of Kekfrankos and Merlot.

The list of six whites includes Carpenter’s 2002, crafted from Irsai Oliver Grapes, and Gardener’s 2003, crafted Muscat Ottonel Grapes, both from the Eszak-Magyarorszag Region.

To learn more about Craftsman Wines – and why they’re called by tradesmen’s names – and where to purchase in the New York area, visit


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Dolls That Speak in
Foreign Tongues

T’S NEVER too early to start your child on the road to bilingual attainment. Language Littles makes it easy. These are 16-inch dolls with a chip implanted in their chests. Press a wrist or leg, and you’ll hear the doll utter phrases, first in English and then in a foreign tongue.

Each bilingual speaking doll can say 25-30 phrases in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, German, Russian or Greek. Each doll is primed to utter phrases in one particular language. Collect all nine dolls and you’ll have your very own United Nations at home.

Celebrity parents, such as Uma Thurman, Kelly Ripa and Rosie O’Donnell, know the importance of early language learning when young minds are most receptive.

Thurman gave the Spanish and Russian speaking dolls to her children. Ripa gave Spanish and Russian speaking dolls to her daughter who is learning both foreign languages. O’Donnell, who introduced the dolls on her talk show, gave Spanish speaking ones to her children.

The soft bodied 16-inch doll retails for $39.99 at


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Light On The Page

E have found the perfect lighting for private reading without disturbing the one who’s sleeping next to you in bed or sitting next to you on a night flight.

LightWedge is an acrylic sheet that overlays a page of your book and illuminates the words. This innovative design puts light on the page, not in your eye like some of those dorky flashlights that hang over the book.

It puts illumination on one page at a time, so you don’t annoy the person next to you with the bright light from a flashlight.

You insert four AAA batteries, and the baby burns for forty hours. You can get through a lot of books done in that time.

It comes in two sizes. LightWedge Original fits all standard books. Priced at $34.95 at

LightWedge Paperback is priced at $19.88 at More information at


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Speak Up In Emergency

N the event of a health crisis where you are unable to talk, it’s crucial to have medical information handy for emergency responders such as police, firemen – even nannies, babysitters and teachers. Wouldn’t it be a lifesaver if you carried a small audio recorder with all the medical information a rescuer would need to provide proper care in a crisis situation?

MyVoice ID is a pager-size recorder that can be clipped onto a belt, pocketbook or backpack. The device, with an 80-word capacity, records your name, address, blood type, medical conditions, allergies, religious affiliation, prescriptions and any other vital information.

“Although there are several medical ID bracelets and badges on the market,” says inventor Donald Gibson, “none offers a voice that people can hear.

MyVoice ID weighs just 2 ounces and costs $29.95 at


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Devora with a Pet Carrier

Your Own Virtual Pet

URORA WORLD INC., maker of high quality plush toys, has a delightful Pet Carrier for pet lovers who don’t have a real live pet. The Pet Carrier comes with your very own matching animal.

There are 12 carriers and animals, so you can interchange such animals as Chihuahua , Boxer, Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, Poodle, Angora kitten and more.

Now kids can take their favorite pet to such forbidden “no pets” places as restaurants and movie theaters.

The Pet Carrier is fully lined, with room for personal items, handles and a zipper closure. Priced at $15.


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On A Roll With Rock

HE complete rock, and pop trivia game, Rock and Roll Triviologies is a comprehensive game that challenges you with more than 1,300 questions on music trivia from ten categories.

Stroll down memory lane, all the way back to rock origins of the ‘50s, with the game that features all the genres and great artists of the first 50 years of R&R.

Explore five decades of great music plus such other categories as Women Rockers, Industry Awards and Rock and Roll Relations.

Order for $29.95 at

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