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Buzz Stain Remover Wild Planet Toys and Eye-Link Communicator
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USB Flash Drive Simply Suspects
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Here’s The Buzz

OW you can avoid that embarrassing moment when your wife confronts you as you try desperately to rub and scrub that strange lipstick stain from your shirt. In a technology breakthough, Applica Consumer Products has launched Tide Buzz Ultrasonic Stain Remover powered by Black & Decker will remove that stain completely before washing.

This is a specially formulated Tide cleaning fluid in a Black & Decker stain removal appliance that erases stains on the spot through ultrasonic energy.

Amazing – no tedious scrubbing and soaking. It is said to be safe on all fabrics. Priced at $49.99, the starter kit includes the stain remover, cleaning fluid, and five stain catcher pads.


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Tim Boxer protects himself in
Costa Rica with Buzz Off insect
repelling shirt and cap.

Ex Officio’s Unique
Brand of WMD

O PREPARE for my trip to Costa Rica, I visited my neighborhood pharmacy to arm myself against the scourge of the rainforest – mosquitoes. My supply consisted of the requisite spray can of insect repellant and a bottle of pain relieving antiseptic liquid for insect bites.

I also searched for appropriate clothing to help ward off those pesky skeeters.

I arrived in the tropics armed with my own WMD – weapons of mosquito destruction, outdoor clothes that would repel the enemy.

Best source for such protective apparel, I found, is Ex Officio, which makes Buzz Off,  “the ultimate clothing to see the world in.”

Buzz Off shorts and short sleeve shirts will repel those skin-seeking insects that are so annoying on your vacation. For increased protection I chose short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, pants, socks, sun hat and cap.

The Buzz Off Insect Shield ingredient, tightly bonded to the fabric, puts protection on your clothes, not on your skin. It is has passed rigorous testing to be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With such defensive gear, I found that I didn’t need the pharmacy’s can of insect repellent after all!

For more information and to order visit


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Small Size, Big Capacity

ARGUS’ thumb-sized USB Flash Drives allow you to transport files, graphics, presentations, music or multimedia files between computers. Weighing just half an ounce, they come in capacities of 128MB, 256MB and 512MB. A 1GB version is scheduled to roll out in the summer.

With this plug and play device you don’t need to install any software driver. You connect and disconnect it without shutting down or restarting your notebook.

However its bundled software allows you to use it as a backup drive. If your hard drive fails, the flash drive is boot capable, meaning you can retrieve data saved on the flash drive as it appeared at the time of your last backup.

You can clip this portable storage device onto your shirt pocket, on a key chain or carry it with the included lanyard. Prices range between $59.99 and $199.99, available at


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Finder Of Lost Files

HAT do you do when you have to recreate lost data? Let’s say you didn’t back up – do you know anybody who does? – and you need to find that lost file. What if you’re hit by a virus and your files vanish?

Where do you turn?

Executive Software has the answer. Its New Undelete 4.0 simplifies retrieval of lost or deleted data.

If data is stored on a server, you can get your own files back without having to wait impatiently for IT staff to recover the data from backup tapes.

Undelete lists for $39.95 for the workstation and $29.95 for the home edition. See


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For The Pampered Pet

ON’T leave Fido at home when you travel. Take your pet along in his own comfortable travel case designed by Gayle Martz. The Sherpa Roll-Up is an excellent way to transport your pet on the plane, car, or train, whether you’re just going to the vet or abroad. In the air, this pet home fits snugly under your cabin seat.

The adjustable shoulder strap serves as a leash. Mesh panels on four sides allow for ventilation. This assures panoramic views; when doggie wants privacy, just roll down the flaps.

What’s more, this stylish pet carrier comes in a plastic travel bag to use for your pet’s personal needs.

The Roll-Up comes in three sizes. Small, for pets up to 8 pounds, $75. Medium, for pets up to 16 pounds, $85. Large, for those up to 22 pounds, $95. See the new spring collection at


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Launching Summertime Fun

ILD Planet Toys has a Waterball Launcher guaranteed to keep kids jumping –out of the way of the water balls you shoot.

Compact Waterball Launcher stores enough water to rocket 100 waterballs. The Large Reservoir Launcher has capacity for 175 waterballs. Both can send 40 balls of water per minute.

Great in the pool, on the beach or in the backyard on a hot summer’s day. Our PET technician, six-year-old Tamar Weiss, chased her associates around the indoor pool and pronounced it lots of fun.

Waterball ML 100 at $14.99.

NOTHER Wild Planet product for the young enjoyment is the Dunk Seat, a carnival style dunking game for your backyard. PET technician Devora valiantly volunteers to get soaked. She sits on the inflated seat while sister Eva uses her pitching skills to hit the target.

Each time the target is hit, a spray of water spritzes Devora with cool showers. What better way to refresh on a hot summer day.

Dunk Seat is priced from $19.99 to $24.99

FTER all this physical fun, it was time for refreshments. Out came the Off the Map Extreme Canteen, holding 12 ounces of water or juice.

The back has a two-compartment snack container with a Swiss Army style flip-out fork and spoon. The canteen cover can be used as a plate. When you’re through, it becomes a far-flying disc to play with your friend or canine.

Useful for kids 4 and up. Priced at $14.99. Wild Planet items can be found at specialty toy stores or

ORE: Eye-Link Communicators lets youngsters talk to each other up to 200 feet away. The kit consists of two keyboard transmitters and two headset displays. You supply your own six AAA batteries.

Type a text message on the keyboard, which straps neatly on your arm. Your buddy reads the message digitally in his eyepiece.

Besides playing for fun, it comes in handy when you’re stumped on a math problem and your friend across the street may have the answer.

Priced at $34.99. See more at


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Mystery Tour Of Capri

QUIET Weekend in Capri is a computer game that’ll whisk you away to the gorgeous Italian island of Capri for a unique adventure. Amid 4,500 real photos taken around the island, you’ll find yourself as a first-time tourist.

You come armed with camera, notebook, cash and credit card which you’ll need to solve a mystery which befalls you as you approach the famed Hotel Quisisana. If I tell you more, it won’t be a mystery, will it?

Suffice it to say you’ll have a grand time searching for clues among Roman ruins, along azure seashores, along ancient streets and labyrinthine gardens. You’ll enjoy exploring this magnificent island as you’re transported to another time and place.

Priced at $29.99. See more at


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Deceiving The Jury

IMPLY SUSPECTS is a hidden identity game that involves suspects and evidence. Everyone is suspect. Each player (2 to 6) tries to tamper with the evidence so that it points to the other player’s identity.

Every player can be the guilty party. In this fast action game of skepticism and accusations, you try to escape the grand jury and win. But you’ll have a heckuva time doing so.

Box contains game board, evidence board, 6 tokens, 7 evidence pegs, 42 getaway cards, 6 suspect cards and 1 die. Geared to ages 8 and up.  See more at


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Your Team’s For Sale

ONOPOLY and the National Football League teamed up to create a fine fantasy for gridiron fans. Instead of dealing with Atlantic City property, you can now buy, sell and trade all 32 NFC and AFC teams.

Monopoly: NFL Collector’s Edition comes with 6 pewter tokens – football, referee’s whistle, quarterback, helmet, cheerleader and linebacker.

For ages 8 and up, priced at $35.95 at

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