Main Events

Jack Rosen (right) presents award
to Henry and Rose Moskowitz

Mandell Ganchrow presents
Moshe Montefiore Letter to
Howard Jonas

Rabbi Yona Metzger (second from
right), chief rabbi of Israel, is
welcomed at RZA dinner by (l-r)
Malcolm Hoenlein of Presidents
Conference, Rabbi Arthur Schneier
and philanthropist Eugen Gluck

Rabbi Simcha Krauss (right)
presents award to Rabbi and
Mrs. Arthur Schneier

Jonas’ Jerusalem Call Center
Reaches Out To Americans

By Tim Boxer

N a time when so many American companies are outsourcing their services—such as basing customer service in such diverse locations as India, China and Russia—Howard Jonas chose Jerusalem as his offshore site of technical support for New Jersey-based IDT telecommunications company.

His new enterprise, IDT Call Center, which employs 300 persons, is becoming the largest private employer in Jerusalem. They called numerous Mizrahi supporters in the U.S. and raised $60,000 for Yeshivot Hesder in Israel.

For that Jonas was honored by Religious Zionists of America at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway.

RZA president Rabbi Simcha Krauss also paid tribute to Rabbi Arthur and Elisabeth Schneier of Park East Synagogue, Ulka and Julius Sommer, and Rose and Henry Moskowitz.

Rabbi Yona Metzger, Israel’s youngest chief rabbi, was the keynote speaker at the dinner. He was proud to be the first chief rabbi to be born in Israel and the first to have served in the tank corps.

Rabbi Krauss presented Jonas with a letter by British philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore signed in 1864. The letter was obtained on eBay.

“I usually buy such presents myself,” Jonas joked. “I was too cheap to buy this one.”

Main Events

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