Main Events

Jeffrey Hirsch and
Wendy Carduner

Mark Gilbertson,
Alexandra Lind and Louis Rose

Lucie Regal

Woody Bernstein

Charlie Dillon

Wendy Carduner Knows How
To Entertain The Junior Set

Text by Roger Webster
Photos by Patrick McMullan

OUTH was busting out all over at Doubles. Wendy Carduner, the guiding light of the private club in the Sherry Netherland Hotel, could write a book on how to throw parties to keep the junior set entertained and coming back for more good clean all-American fun even in the heart of jaded old New York.

There was a totally ‘80s workout party called Let’s Get Physical hosted by Jay Aston, Marisa Noel Brown, Nick Coleman, Miguel Duenas, Stephanie Ercklentz, Allison Luyten, Elizabeth Meigher, Tatiana Papanicolaou, and John Royall.

Guests, including George Baker IV, Andrew Black, Sarah Boardman, Jonathan Gauntt, Daria and Liska de Koning, Ware Sykes, Kristin Fisher, Will Holligan, Nicole Hanley,  and Samantha Leas left their pearls and blazers at home and donned spandex, leotards, leg warmers, and sweat bands to enjoy cocktails, dinner and energized dancing to disco music by the likes of Olivia Newton John, the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson.

A few weeks later a different bunch took a “Cruise Down To South Beach” with Heather Sargent, Betsy Pitts, Jennifer Powers and Mark Gilbertson at the helm.

Jeffrey Hirsch, Courtney Arnot, Amanda Hearst with Luigi Tadini, Alexandra Lind and Louis Rose, Calvert and George Moore, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Andrea and Tom Donahue, Blair and Fazle Husain, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Mary and Michael Darling, Alexandra Vassipoulos, Victoria and Robert Lindgren, Elizabeth Meigher, and their friends dressed as if they were in the tropics, enjoying dinner and dancing in the classy space that was decorated with a disco ball, palm trees and pink flamingos.

And then there was Halloween and the 28th annual Ghosties & Goodies party. Over 200 parents and their children in costumes dropped by for an afternoon of festivities.

The adorable spooks included James and Christina Flynn, Serena McDermott, Serena Bancroft, Alix and Lowell Creel, Nicholas and Woody Bernstein, Lucie Regal, Erin Donahue, Ali Slatkin, Grace Mead Sipp, Alison Hirsch, Olivia Holmes, William Lese,  Katerina Wood, Whitney Rochelle,  Charlotte Evans, Bianca Scotto, Emily Post, Josephine Lupa, Olivia Biase.

And maybe cutest of all—little Charlie Dillon.

Main Events

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