Catherine Saxton
Photos by Rob Rich

Garland Appeal
Rita Hayworth Gala
Lifeline For Yugoslavia

Elizabeth Banks

Michele and Larry Herbert

Jessica and Peter Kupprion

Renee' and Richard Steinberg

David Hirsch and Steven Brown

Gregory and Constance Holmes

For Breast Cancer Awareness

HE Garland Appeal Auction and Gala was created to honor the memory of a very public breast cancer patient—Linda McCartney.  Supported by Sir Paul McCartney, the inaugural event was held in October, which was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Michele Herbert, Constance Holmes and Diane Weiss—all generous philanthropists who lead by example—chaired the event.

They were joined in the Junior Committee by three Forbes sisters, Sabina II, Moira and Catherine, as well as Allison Weiss (daughter of Diane), and the beautiful new superstar in the making, Elizabeth Banks of Seabiscuit fame.

A silent auction, followed by a grand dinner and live auction, and then a swinging disco led by famed Studio 54 alum DJ Tom Finn, thrilled and delighted the packed house.  And there were even happier smiling faces as they picked up the 30 pound, $1,000 goodie bag.  You just had to be there and hopefully you will next year!


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Ivana Trump and
Rossano Rubicondi

Fran Drescher, Dan Aykroyd, and
Donna Dixon Aykroyd

Larry and Michele Herbert

Dennis Basso furrier to the stars

Supporting Alzheimer’s Cause

HE Alzheimer's Gala, affectionately known as the Rita Hayworth Gala, celebrated a very late, but incredibly musical and colorful Mardi Gras.  The ladies dressed in their finery and the most fantastical masks at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

Donna Dixon (wife of Dan Ackroyd who was the entertainer for the evening) brought old style Hollywood drop-dead glamour to the event, looking ravishingly like Marilyn Monroe in her heyday.

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Kathy Hilton, Somers Farkas, Nurit Haase, Della Rounick, Ivana Trump, Michele Herbert (yes, she is everywhere, spreading her magic), Denise Rich, Michele Rella, Dennis Basso, on and on and on through 1,000 others.

The live auction raised almost $400,000 but dazed many of the guests with its interminable length.  Still, for a great cause almost $2 million dollars were raised for Alzheimer's research.


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HRH Princess Katherine and
HRH Prince Alexander II of

Governor George Pataki and
HRH Princess Katherine of

Sugar Rautbord with image of her
mom, Virginia Donnelly George

Liliana Makkos, Cindy Weitzman,
and Della Rounick

Royals Helping Their People

HEIR Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II of Yugoslavia and Crown Princess Katherine have traveled the breadth of the United States bringing the message of their people to Americans.

"People believe that now our country lives in peace, we have no problems," but this just isn't so, says the impassioned Princess.

Because of the years of war and hatred and killing, longterm problems of health and medical crises remain.  Hospitals with equipment (if they even have any) are 50 years outdated.

The situation is dire, and it is the loving, passionate care of the Princess who has taken on this cause for her people, that is helping raise money to right some of the wrongs and ills of the Yugoslav people.

Their Royal Highnesses created a fundraiser for Lifeline at the 21 Club, and their friends and supporters came in droves.  New York State Governor George Pataki dropped in to wish them well and offer his support.

If you wish to contribute, send donations to Every penny donated goes to help people in desperate need of outside help.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.


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