Catherine Saxton
Photos by Rob Rich
Social Circle ’Round Again
THE New York social whirl is back to full force.  Hurricane Isabel is nothing compared to the social whirlwind of New York now that the glitterati season is back in full force – with 10-20-30 events every evening, and it gets better as we get deeper into the season.  So, here's a few of the best.

Frances Hayward,
Kitty Ockenden, and
Audrey Gruss

Dynamic Duo

REY GARDENS legendary East Hampton estate, most closely linked to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, and family home of some Bouviers, welcomed the beautiful people to its annual Royal Academy cocktail party, co-hosted by GG resident Frances Hayward  and Audrey Gruss.

Joined by Ann Nitze, these dynamic ladies host the annual Royal Academy Gala in the Rainbow Room.  Joining this dynamic duo in a magnificent candlelit, starlit, fragrant garden were Kathy and Billy Raynor, R.A. Exec. Dir. Kitty Ockendon and 100 other glamorous people.


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Denise and Larry Wohl

Oasis In The City

HE 150th celebration of Central Park: There has been an almost endless celebration of the greatest city oasis in the world.  Larger than Monaco, visited by some 12 million people very year, everyone was primed to celebrate.

The most glam event were the 150 dinners circling the park, which raised some $1.5 million (where else in the world would this happen?).

As the parties were private, we have no pix, but we can celebrate with the art exhibition created by Denise and Larry Wohl to celebrate the talented photographs daughter Joselyn made over her lifetime.

Denise, Joselyn, Arden, and
Larry Wohl

As a lifelong New Yorker, Joselyn has a special perspective on the grandeur, majesty and joy of the Park.  Joined by some of the world's most famous photographers, including our own Rob Rich, it was an evening of magic.


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Denise Rich (right) and Bonnie Fuller

Big Plans Afoot

T’S that time of year again, with the committee meeting for the grand and glorious BIG events.  Denise Rich invited a few hundred of her nearest and dearest to Lot 61 to launch the upcoming G&P Foundation Angel Ball.

Trekking over to the far side of the West Side were Alan Cumming, new publishing powerhouse Bonnie Fuller, Mets superstar Keith Hernandez and hundreds of others to plan for another $2 million evening.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

Main Events

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