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Joshua Matza (left) and
Raanan Gissin
Photo by Tim Boxer

Sharon Devises Buddy System
To Help Troops Concentrate

By Tim Boxer

HEN a platoon of Israeli soldiers runs into enemy fire, each one wants to turn his head and make sure that his buddies are in close support behind him.

“But if you turn your head,” says Raanan Gissin, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s official spokesperson, “you lose concentration and the enemy has a chance to hit you.”

Speaking at an Israel Bonds real estate luncheon in New York, Gissin told how Sharon developed a strategy to assist troops under fire.

Every five or ten yards every man taps the helmet of the man in front. That way each knows that his buddies are behind him. They can proceed straight ahead without turning their heads away from the source of fire.

Jonathan R. Serko (l-r), Roy L. Appel,
Raanan Gissin, and Simon Ziff

Photo by Steve Friedman

The luncheon raised $4.2 million in Israel Bond sales.

Israel Bonds president Joshua Matza paid tribute to Jonathan R. Serko, executive director at Cushman & Wakefield; Roy L. Appel, senior vice president at CB Richard Ellis, and Simon Ziff, president of the Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group.

Main Events

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