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Helping Youngsters Afflicted
By Ukraine Nuclear Fallout

By Nina and Tim Boxer

ICK CAPRI, who spent several months in Florida, returned to New York in time to entertain at Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl gala dinner at Chelsea Piers.

“This is the youngest audience I’ve seen this year,” he quipped.

That elicited chuckles from tribute chairs Gabriel Erem and Nancy Spielberg, not to mention Marilyn Michaels and Steve Guttenberg.

As he was leaving his Florida hotel, Capri passed an old man sitting on the porch. “How do you get to I95?” Capri asked. “Don’t eat red meat,” the old man replied.

Again the audience broke up, including Debra Winger, Frank Gorshin, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Montel Williams and Gypsy producer Anita Waxman.

The dinner benefited an organization dedicated to helping youngsters afflicted with illnesses from the Ukraine nuclear disaster. The children are transported to Israel for medical care.

Sensing the mood of the crowd, Capri continued: “Italian people hear music, they sing. Spanish people hear music, they dance. Jewish people hear music, they say, ‘It’s so loud in here.’”

Main Events

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