Abe Hirschfeld’s J’Accuse
Against Dubya in Royalty

By Tim Boxer

OW that his one-year parole has ended, Abe Hirschfeld is free to speak his mind and voice his opinions, of which he has many.

His major target is George W. Bush. He condemns the President for his road map in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and for his road to war in Iraq.

“The road map,” he opines, “is a path to disaster.

“President Bush intends to divide Israel into two parts. That is like dividing Manhattan between Blacks and Jews. Such a partition will only bring further bloodshed and terrorism.”

As for Bush’s foray in Iraq, Hirschfeld believes it was fruitless.

“In view of some Democrats, President Bush has been lying about these and other matters, the way Lyndon B. Johnson lied about Vietnam, Richard M. Nixon about Watergate and Bill Clinton about sex.”

Hirschfeld expounds on this these further in the first issue of his new magazine, Royalty, premiering in December.

In the magazine he writes: “I accuse President Bush in attacking Iraq for no good reason. The President is the mad ruler of America. He is the new Napoleon that we must deplore.”

The cover depicts a composite of Bush on Napoleon’s body.

I report. You decide.

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