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Ehud Olmert Outlines
Bumpy Road To Peace

HUD OLMERT has been a staple at Israel Bonds affairs. National campaign chairwoman Bobbie Goldstein said she always introduced Olmert as mayor of Jerusalem.

At a national real estate dinner at the Grand Hyatt, she introduced him as the acting prime minister and minister of trade and industry.

“I have moved up!” she declared.

Alluding to President George Bush’s road to peace, Olmert said, “Bush is a great president and we support him, but it doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything he draws on a map.”

Daniel Tishman presented awards to such real estate power brokers as Burton Resnick of New York, Itchko Ezratti of Florida, Scott Wolstein of Cleveland and Richard Ziman of Los Angeles.

“This dinner raised $46 million,” Ziman declared. “I want you to know that $20 million came from Los Angeles.”

Main Events

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