Photos by Rob Rich

Boys' Town of Italy
Edwin Gould Family Services
Principal for a Day Allison Weiss
March of Dimes' Beauty Ball

Brother D’Adamo, Charles Evans
and Bonnie Pfeiffer

Bill Crystal, Bonnie Comley and
hubby Stewart Lane

Ed Micone, Billy Crystal,
Alan King and Charles Evans

Paul and Ruth Woolard, Janice Huff,
Charles Evans and Ed Micone

It Was Crystal Clear
They Had a Great Time

ILLY CRYSTAL told the Boys' Town of Italy, "You don't have to be Italian to have a good time!" The assembled 700 howled as he went into a shtick to introduce Man of the Year Ed Micone of Madison Square Garden.

One joke fell flat and Billy reminded us, "Hey, it's free, what more do you want?" More Crystal for sure.

M.C. Alan King, who introduced Humanitarian of the Year Charles Evans, asked why, with so many Italians and Catholics in the audience, were "two Jews" doing the entertainment.

It was a laugh and love fest that magic night at the Waldorf-Astoria.  WNBC's Janice Huff was Woman of the Year, everyone danced to Peter Duchin's Orchestra, and a wonderful time was had by all.


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Lauren Bush and Dalesa Vitalis

Jusske the Clown, Allison Weiss,
Jenny Shumway and
Hayley Kearney (in front)

Miss USA Susie Castillo and
Bryan McFayden

Kathy Hilton and Andy Hilfiger and

Artrageous Simply Stupendous

HE Artrageous party to benefit the Edwin Gould Family Services Agency was one of the most fun and rewarding children's parties you've ever been to.  The agency helps some of the more than 25,000 children in the New York City foster care system.  It was a magical day - celebrities, children's acts, a carnival, games, games, games - and oh so many winning toys. It was heartwarming to see the children's happiness.

The luscious day was organized by the brilliant Linda Argila who created it.

Joining in the fun was Miss USA Susie Castillo and former MTV star Bryan McFayden, who's working on movies and Broadway now.  Dylan Lauren, Allison Weiss and Sabina Forbes II co-chaired the Junior Committee.

The Hilton Family Rick, Kathy, Barron and Conrad brought in the younger social set. Broadway's Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley took time off from their Gypsy producing duties to bring Leah Lane to paint.  Some very famous artists worked on artwork with committee children and Gould children, including Jeff Koons, and both Dylan and Sabina helped create the magic.  They all mixed, all loved it, and it was a joy for us to see so many happy, smiling faces as the children hurried home.


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Allison Weiss and student at PS 173

Principal for a Day

LLISON WEISS, through her devotion to education, was chosen to be one of the Principals for the Day for PS 173. At just 32, she is already at the forefront of achievement and success.

Ms. Weiss spent the day talking about Hamlet, creating tulips in art class, and even had a little Spanish lesson.  PS 173, lead by Principal Diana Brown, showed Ms. Weiss what it’s like to be a principal of such a large school, 1,200 to be exact.

“As Principal I am held accountable for the growth of each human being in this school,” Ms. Brown said.  “Paper work is secondary to me.”

Ms. Weiss’s devotion to children and education is just one of her amazing qualities that sets her above the ordinary.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein held a City Hall reception to thank the hundreds of celebrity VIP volunteers who spearheaded this event.


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Gail Gordon of Macy's East;
Werner Hofmann, senior vice president
of Wella AG Cologne; supermodel
Naomi Campbell, and Donald J. Loftus
of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

Marching To Save Babies

ARCH of Dimes' Beauty Ball is one of the most glamorous events in the city - especially when supermodel, super glamorous, super gorgeous Naomi Campbell makes an appearance.

Donald J. Loftus, head of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, was honored. Theoretically he is Naomi's boss. She graciously made an appearance…late, of course.

Then again, when you look like Naomi it's always better late than never.

All of the cosmetics and fragrance industry were on hand to honor Loftus and Gail Gordon, vice president and DMM-Cosmetics for Macy’s East.

The room was filled with love and laughter.  The event raised over $1.5 million to help the littlest among us—the babies born too soon and under 2 lbs. It's a hard way to start life, but with such love to surround you, it's a great deal of hope!

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

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