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Black & Decker Cordless Kettle and Black & Decker Deluxe Heater
PET Approved Products: Phantasy Star Online, Kung Fu Chaos, Tao Feng and TravelJohn

Electric Kettle in the Kitchen,
Deluxe Heater in the Basement

LACK & DECKER produces the best and most innovative products for the home. Our Product Evaluation Team reviewed two hot items which we think worthy of your attention.

Classic Cordless Electric Kettle has an easy-to-clean stainless steel body. The 2-litre kettle lifts off its swivel base by the cool-touch handle for easy filling or pouring.

It comes with a safety thermostat that kicks in if the kettle boils dry, and indicator lights with an energy saving auto-off when boiling is done.

Order the Electric Kettle (APP DKS700) at for $49.99.

Heatwave Deluxe Utility Heater is a heavy duty product with power to heat small or large areas such as basements, workshops or garages.

If you happen to tip over the heater, it will automatically shut itself off. Two bars on the front prevent it from burning a surface if itís knocked over face down. Now thatís innovative.

More preventive measures: the heat sensor changes color when the front grill becomes hot to the touch. Not only that, but if the cord is damaged, the unit will shut down to protect against electrical fire.

You have a choice of keeping the heater on up to four hours before it shuts itself off. The unit will also turn itself on automatically if the temperature drops below 40 degrees F to protect against freezing pipes or frost damage.

Donít put it away after winter. During summer you can keep the fan on to circulate cool air.

Get the Heatwave Deluxe Utility Heater (APP BDUH200) for $39.99 at


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PET Approved Products

Phantasy Star Online is the first online role-playing game for the Xbox video game system. This SEGA product enables gamers worldwide to communicate online using voice via the Xbox Communicator headset. An Xbox Live account is required. To play online you need a Hunterís License. Itís free for two months, then you pay $8.95 per month. Game costs $39.95.

Kung Fu Chaos is another Microsoft action game for the Xbox video game console. You can play against three other opponents or go solo against the Evil Ninja Clan of Darkness Ė if you dare. The product is labeled suitable for teens but warns of blood, mature humor, violence but mild language. Just what the kids like (except for mild language).

Tao Feng from Microsoft Game Studios is from the overactive brain of John Tobias, creator of the Mortal Kombat series. So you know youíre in for a brutal fighting game with your Xbox. Tobias promises the visceral brutality of furiously intense hand-to-hand combat with every cut, gash and bruise developing in real time.

TravelJohn is the perfect solution for bathroom emergencies. Itís a disposable urinal for men, women and children on the go. When a restroom is nowhere in sight, reach for TravelJohn form instant relief. The absorbent pouch gels liquids instantly so there is no odor and no cleanup. Itís the civilized thing to have when youíre stuck in traffic, on a boat, or out camping Ė and canít wait. Available in packs of three for $5.99. Visit

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