Gotham Goes To The Dogs
Raising Money For Charity

By Edward T. Callaghan

Westminster Kennel Club Show
The Gift of Jazzy

Joe Garrison with Elaine and
Jerry Orbach and their dog Austin

Rolf Stang and Celese Holm
Bide-A-Wee Honors Jerry Orbach

EW YORK has never been such a dog-gone friendly town – especially if you’re a fuzzy, four-legged creature.

The posh Pierre Hotel, which usually opens its ballroom doors to royalty and celebrities, entertained quite a “pedigreed” crowd, as Bide-A-Wee, one of the country’s oldest humane organizations, celebrated its hundredth anniversary.

The Have-A-Heart Centennial Dinner Dance honored long time supporters Jerry and Elaine Orbach and Fox TV’S John Roland.

The gala also paid special tribute to hero animals, rescue dogs and pet therapy companions who were among the attendees.  The cocktail reception was packed with animal lovers and their pets – many dressed in evening wear and jewels to rival their human counterparts.

Oscar winner Celeste Holm sipped a glass of wine with one hand while treating new canine pal Buster to some special doggie hors d’ouevres prepared by the Pierre chefs!

The goodie bags distributed at the party’s finale were a doggie-delight: silver collar charms, doggie deodorant, skin care products, plush toys, and for madam owner enameled Estee Lauder compacts in the shapes of cute little canines and felines courtesy of Lauder honcho Sue Grundfest.


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Barking In The Garden

ARD on the heels of the Bide-a-Wee bash, the Westminster Kennel Club Show came barking into Madison Square Garden. Backstage, there was enough hairstyling and fluffing to rival the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

In the end, a Sky Blue Terrier walked away with best in show.  Naomi Campbell, eat your heart out!

In the midst of all this bow-wow brouhaha, the venerable Macy’s appeared to become an annex for the WKC crowd, at least for one night.


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It Was A Jazzy Party

OSSIPEUSE Cindy Adams celebrated the publication of her pet-inspired book, The Gift of Jazzy.

For those out of the loop, Jazzy is Adams’ Yorkshire terrier who even Cindy admits is “the most pampered pooch on Park Avenue” and sports a Dennis Basso sable coat for those chilly walks.

In her sweet personal memoir, Adams raves about how the pooch has helped fill the void created by the death of her longtime hubby, veteran comic and wisecracker, Joey Adams.

With Jazzy happily licking her face, Cindy let it be known that “Joey was a better kisser – not so sloppy.”

Toting their terriers and parading their poodles were the likes of Mary Tyler Moore, Susan Lucci and Lizzie Grubman, arms full with three prized pets.

One wag noted that the canine guests “were better mannered than many of the boldface names.”

A bit “catty” wouldn’t you say?

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