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Emunah Hasin (right) introduces
Shayna Gould who was given a
second chance at life by Shaare
Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem

Melvyn I. Weiss (l-r) and wife Debra
and Stephen A. Weiss and wife Bobbi

A Shayna Miracle For
Student From Chicago

By Tim Boxer

HAYNA GOULD came from Chicago to spend a year at a girl’s yeshiva in Jerusalem. Last January the pretty 19-year-old student went to the El Al office downtown to buy a ticket to London to visit a friend.

Just as she crossed Jaffa St. to take a bus back to her dorm a terrorist opened fire.

A bullet pierced her chest.

Shayna was bundled into an ambulance that was assigned to a certain hospital.

Every minute was crucial whether she would live or die. A medic ordered the driver to change direction and dash to a hospital that was closer.

“When we got word she was on the way, the alarm bells went off,” said Emunah Hasin, head nurse for 14 years at Shaare Zedek. “Everyone rushed to prepare the emergency room.”

Emunah looked at the badly wounded body and recalled, “I saw that she wasn’t breathing. Her color was the color of death. She was clinically brain dead.”

But this was Shaarey Zedek Medical Center, which prides itself as “the hospital with a heart.” A team of compassionate doctors went to work.

Several days later, Shayna opened her eyes.

She returned to her parents in Chicago where she is now studying interior design.

Michael S. Strauss (l-r), dinner chairman;
Jonathan Halevy, Shaare Zedek
director-general; David Z. Gordon, and
Menno Ratzker, president of the American

Emunah, now director of external affairs at the hospital, recently introduced Shayna to 600 Shaarey Zedek supporters at the Grand Hyatt in New York.

“The people at Shaare Zedek are miracle workers,” Shayna said. “I was given a gift by them to start life anew.”

At first she was very worried. She didn’t know how serious her injuries were. She had lost her left lung.

“I asked if I could have children. They said yes. I said okay. What else is there?”

The American Committee for Shaare Zedek centennial dinner was held under the direction of Michael Strauss, chairman of the New York board, and Paul S. Glasser, national executive director. Menno Ratzker is national president.

The event honored Ambassador Yehoshua Trigor, Melvyn I. Weiss, Stephen A. Weiss, David Z. Gordon, and Dr. Eric and Gertrude Offenbacher.

Main Events

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