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Sydney and Jaid: Happy Birthday

Barrows Bash
Brings In The Babes

Story by Edward Callaghan
Photos by William Baughman

ORMER madam turned best-selling author Sydney Biddle Barrows was feted at a birthday bash by a gaggle of gals at Murray Hill’s popular seafood house Metro Fish.

Owner Steve Karathanos and photographer James Edstrom put the intimate soiree together. At Barrow’s request they kept to the “no-men” policy till later in the night.

In-the-know patrons and a stream of “non regular” Wall Street honchos were trying to figure out which of the 15 ladies might have been one of “Sydney’s girls.”  But it was impossible to tell in the fashionably dressed crowd.

Sydney discovers lobster

Some “non pros” were easier to identify like the effervescent Jaid Barrymore (Drew’s mama), event planner and Tall Club founder Annie Watt (she stood out in the crowd!), writer and artist manager Liz Derringer, realtor Chris Westwood and photographer Diane Cohen.

Barrymore said, “It would be flattering to be thought of as one of Sydney’s girls.”

Why not?  The blue-blooded Barrows had the well-deserved reputation for only picking the brightest and prettiest ladies for her ultra elite escort service.

Sydney is looking quite young and fresh these days.  She must have learned some secrets from the book she’s writing on cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

She’ll tell all about that in Getting A Little Work Done, which she hopes should be ready for publication soon. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Romo has already written the forward.

Jaid Barrymore discovers
Raymond Larson

After the sumptuous lobster dinner a few lucky men were allowed in to wish the author well and kiss her dewy cheeks. These included theater wag Aubrey Reuben, jeweler John Wegorzewski and the young “Ethan Hawke-ish” Raymond Larson, Barrymore’s latest discovery.

Main Events

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