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Columbus Citizens Foundation

Ivana Trump at Aix

March of Dimes
Princess Yasmin Khan
Stewart Lane
Denise Rich
Food Allergy Initiative

SOME people have to wait for the holidays for parties. Not we lucky New Yorkers.  On any evening there are at least 10 great events, openings, private dinners, and whatever else takes your fancy to fill up your time.  It's a party world out here, so come along and enjoy the fun.

Maria Bartiroma of CNBC,
Franco Zeffirelli and Larry Auriana,
president of Columbus Citizens
Photo by Don Pollard

Italians Take Fifth Avenue

RANCO ZEFFIRELLI headlined the star studded Columbus Weekend Celebration of all things Italian. The famed Italian director of movies, theatre and opera came from Rome to be grand marshal of the 58th annual Columbus Day Weekend in New York.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation, headed by NY economic czar Charles Gargano, and president and chief booster Larry Auriana, welcomed over 1400 people to the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria.  It was a star-studded affair with New York's glitterati in glamorous form.

Zeffirelli joined thousands of marchers up Fifth Avenue in celebration of Columbus's discovery of America. Viva Italia.


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Ivana Trump and her special
friend, actor Rossano Rubicondi.

Ivana Trump with Czech
Republic consul general
Ales Pospisil (left) and Aix
owner Phillip Kirsh.

Osmany Lafitta and his models.

Czechs on West Side

HE West Side has an exciting new dining experience: Aix restaurant (at Broadway and 55th Street) brings fine dining to this burgeoning residential area.

To celebrate the opening and raise much needed funds for the victims of Prague's cruel recent floods, Ivana Trump brought in some of the world's most beautiful models from the Czech Republic, and one of its most popular designers, Osmany Lafitta for TAIZA.

The fashion show and dinner party brought many Czech friends to support their homeland and much needed money was sent home.


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Parisian Chefs at the Palace

ARCH of Dimes gourmet gala is one of the most elegant, cool, classic, and gourmet feasts of all parties!  Held in the stunning rooms of the Palace Hotel, the evening was an hommage to master chefs from France.

Delta Airlines flew in some of Paris's most renowned chefs who brought their toques for the pleasure of many.  New York chefs who joined their brethren proved that French cooking is without peer.

President George W. Bush's beautiful niece, Lauren Bush, came to lend her support to raise money to help babies be born healthy and well.

Becca Cason Thrash, husband John, and a posse of fellow Texans flew in to add their brand of magic to a glittering evening.

Two of New York's most generous philanthropists, Sheila and Danny Rosenbloom, underwrote the evening. Wonderful Bob Chavez, head of Hermes New York, helped turn it into a $400,000 fundraiser for the charity.


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Della Rounick, journal

Larry and Sandy Rosenthal

Sale Johnson and Deborah Norville

Memorable Evening

N just 14 years, Princess Yasmin Khan has created one of the most memorable  evenings in the New York.

With more than 900 people to honor her stunning mother Rita Hayworth, "Yazzie" and her committee raised $2 million dollars for the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Because she had the power of her own and her mother's spotlight to cast on this dreadful disease, Princess Yasmin has been able to raise a ton of money and educate people on the horrors of this disease.

Nancy Reagan, has taken up that cause in honor of her husband, President Ronald Reagan, and we all hope that a cure will soon be in sight.


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Dr. Ruth stretches for Stewart Lane
and Bonnie Comley
Photo by Tim Boxer

Honoring Mr. Broadway

TEWART LANE (Mr. Broadway) and his beautiful "Mrs." actress Bonnie Comley were honored along with Alicia and John Belzberg, by the Jewish National Fund, in New York.

The JNF's mission is to plant trees for life in Israel. To date some 40,000,000 have been planted – which may explain why Israel is one of the most lush and fertile areas in the world, let alone in the desert.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the Lane children, and Isabelle Stevenson were on hand to applaud this Broadway team that tries to make a difference in so many people's lives!


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Liza Minnelli

Rain Can’t Stop Denise

IZA MINNELLI was the star of a wonderful fundraiser at the beach. But the rains didn't know that. A torrential downpour kept all the guests hovering inside Denise Rich's glamorous Hamptons beach house (fortunately, it could hold 500 people).

Young Billy Gilmore and an even younger friend warmed up the house with the biggest voices you've heard on the littlest people.

Natalie Cole, Liza's husband David Gest, Star Jones, Joy Behar, Dennis Basso, and a ton of Denise's other friends helped her raise over $500,000 for the G&P Foundation, named for her beautiful daughter Gabrielle, who died at the tender age of 27.


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Leroy Neiman, Sharyn Mann and
Daniel Boulud

Coming Up

T’S that time of year again: the Food Allergy Initiative Gala is ready to descend on the city's foodie population.

This year's honor goes to Daniel Boulud of famed Daniel's Restaurant.

Just two days after the committee meeting, Daniel was named the Number One chef, and his restaurant Number One in New York.

This month FAI will present Daniel with the Joe Baum Achievement Award. We'll bring you the star studded evening next month.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

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