Jacob A. Frenkel

Doris and Mel Atlas

Receiving Re'uth's Pillars of the
Community Award are (from left) Sue
and Alan Silberstein, Doris and
Mel Atlas, and Edythe Roland Grodnick.
Their generosity created the
Therapeutic Roof Garden at the
Re'uth Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Merrill Lynch Economist
Forecasts Stock Market

Story and Photos by Tim Boxer

SKED for a tip on how Wall Street will perform the next day, the chairman of Merrill Lynch International had a stock answer: “The stock market is going to change tomorrow.”

Economist Jacob A. Frenkel, former governor of the Bank of Israel and now with Merrill Lynch International, was guest speaker at the annual dinner of Reuth at New York’s Plaza Hotel.

The organization supports several senior homes and medical centers in Israel.

“I’m here as a member of the family,” Frenkel said. “My father is being taken care of at Reuth’s Bet Shalom Center in Tel Aviv. He was one of the founders of the diamond industry.”

To understand the economy, he said, we must be aware of cause and effect.

For an example he related the tale about an atheist who was desperately circling around trying to find a parking spot. Finally frustrated he pleaded with God: “Find me a parking place. I promise I’ll become religious and observant.”

Suddenly someone pulled out of a parking place, and the atheist says, “God, no need. I found one.”

Reuth, which translates as “friendship,” honored the following people:

Doris and Mel Atlas. A pioneer in party decorating, Mel owns a successful floral business.

Susan and Alan Silberstein. He is retired from the family fur business.

Edythe Roland Grodnick who operated a travel agency for many years.

Sharon Tzur, founder of MediaWatch International which, she says, works “to assure accurate media coverage of Israel. We try to bring balance where there is bias.” She just launched www.MediaCaravan.org.


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