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USO of Metropolitan New York

Tansa Mermerci
Frances Hayward
Rainbow Room
Dennis Basso

Life is back to normal – at least on the New York social scene.  The need to raise money to help solve some of the world’s ills is oh so necessary, even more with economic uncertainty in our future.  So, New York swings back into action after solemn remembrances on 9/11.

Gen. John Keane, Army vice chief
of staff.

You Can Count on
The Good Ol’ USO

HE USO of Metropolitan New York was a scene ripped from the movies – all about pride, patriotism, and good old Yankee can-do-ism.  Gen. John Keane, vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, raised a loud cheer when he told the assembled audience:

“We’ll find them, and we’ll kill them, before they can kill any more of us!”

The audience of civilians, retired military, and especially the men and women proudly wearing the uniforms of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, cheered the loudest of all.

The U.S. Military Academy West Point Glee Club sang songs that brought tears to the eyes of everyone.

Donald Trump with
Miss Universe and
Melania Knauss.

Easier on the eyes was the beautiful Miss Universe, Justine Pasek of Panama, recently crowned after Miss Russia was dethroned!  The lady was breathtaking, and it was easy to see why she was judged one of the fairest in the world.

No slouch in that department is Melania Knauss, longtime companion of the evening’s other honoree, Donald Trump.

Melania, a Slovenian beauty and fashion model, was the perfect model of grace and beauty.  Donald, who has been a very longtime supporter of the military, was grace under pressure with all the requests for autographs and photos by the young military.

Eugene V. Lombardo, USO
executive director, and
Honeymooners Joyce Randolph.

The USO of Metro New York provides a home away from home for the military in transit to far away places.  It’s a place to relax, get tickets to favorite shows, make new friends, and always feel at home.  The evening raised some $400,000 for the cause.

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Tansa Mermerci (center) with
Arnie Rosenshein and
Paola Rosenshein.

Ender Mermerci and Dilek Pamir.

Martin Richards with
Ender Mermerci (center) and
Francine LeFrak.

Evil Eye Sparks Jewelry

he wife of the Turkish Ambassador to the U.N, Mrs. Dilek Pamir, gathered a group of U.S. and Turkish friends to her breathtaking apartment to show the latest line of jewelry by Tansa Mermerci.

Tansa is fast becoming one of the hot young jewelry designers in New York, with three exciting lines based on the ancient tale of the Evil Eye!  Americans aren’t fully tuned into the legend of the Evil Eye – but with Tansa’s jewelry to boost it, the Evil Eye story is set to become a huge U.S. bestseller.

Tansa made her premier appearance in world class Bloomingdale’s where she practically sold out.  A more discreet crowd attended the Ambassador’s home, but sales were just as brisk.

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Luly Duke (l-r), George Plimpton,
Frances Hayward and author
Michael Connors.

Gearing Up for Gala

RANCES HAYWARD is fast becoming one of the premier hostesses of all things charitable in New York.  In the summer, she co-chaired Dance On The Dunes for the local conservation society.  Then she hosted her legendary Concert At Sunset in the breathtaking setting of Grey Gardens in Easthampton.

Now she is gathering everyone up for her annual Royal Academy Of Arts Gala at the Rainbow Room in November, which she co-chairs.  The event raises money for the fabulous collections in the Royal Academy in Piccadilly, London.

Lady Anne Greenstock and
Madame Jeane Davide Levitte.

Frances, who maintains homes in New York, London and the Bahamas, loves to bring people together for a great cause. Her committee meeting in October was a starry gathering.  Just wait for the Gala!

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Robin Leach (right) with magician
Jamy Ian (left) and Gilbert Gottfried.

Rainbow Magic

O you believe in magic???  Upclose and Magic is one of the most exciting shows you’ll ever see.  A group of five imaginative and entertaining magicians work their magic in the famed Rainbow Room every week.

The magic is as breathtaking as the view.

The evening was launched by Robin Leach, a devotee of this spellbinding entertainment.  Gilbert Gottfried, of Saturday Night Live fame, came by to support his friends.

It’s every week in the Rainbow Room. Call early for your reservations; you won’t be disappointed.

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Dennis Basso (right) with Hal Rubinsten
and QVC's Darlene Daggett and
Lisa Robertson.

From Fur to Furnishings

REAKFAST in bed with Dennis – that’s Basso, you know.  Famed for his out-of-this-world luxury furs, Dennis Basso launched a new bed line. “Ralph (Lauren) had better watch out, it’s far better quality and design than his home furnishings line,” several cognoscenti noted.

If your taste runs to Pratesi or Frette, but you have a beach or country house, this is the line for you.

There’s also the most divine faux fur throws and pillows you’ll ever want to snuggle into!

See you on the cold wintry nights in our future.  It’s available on QVC. Dennis is slowly becoming Mr. Europe QVC, where his clothing and now home furnishings line show up. 

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

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