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George Shultz and Mortimer Zuckerman

George Schultz: Strike

Before They Bite!


By Tim Boxer



RIENDS come and go, but only two countries are really with us – Great Britain and Israel,” George Schultz said.


Speaking at the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) dinner at the New York Hilton, the former secretary of state was in full support of Pres. George Bush’s campaign to attack terrorist states before they can strike with their weapons of mass destruction.


“That’s called pre-emption. People are shocked by that word. Get used to it! Self-defense is a valid reason for a pre-emptive strike.


“If there is a rattlesnake in the yard, you don’t wait for it to bite before you strike.”


AIFL chairman Kenneth Bialkin and president Mortimer Zuckerman honored Schultz and G. Allen Andreas, chairman/ceo of Archer Daniels Midland, and Eli Hurvitz, chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals.


“Investing in Israel is good business,” Andreas said.

Main Events

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