Main Events

Vita in Blue

Anand Jon and Lydia Hearst.

Summer Altice

Samantha Cole

Casey Johnson and her
mother Sale Johnson with
Jaid Barrymore.


Indian-Born Designer

Refashions Mata Hari


Story By Roger Webster

Photos by Patrick McMullan


ISIONARY Indian-born designer Anand Jon, noted for his functional luxury and modern exotica, had a fashion show in the space that will become the Buddha Bar at New York’s Chelsea Market.


He used exquisite Solstiss Bucol lace, double-sided satin silks, sexy de-stressed lambskin leathers and opulent hand-worked embroidery to create a collection inspired by the legendary courtesan and spy Mata Hari.


Among the notables on the runway were Miss Teen USA Vanessa Semrow, sultry actress Summer Altice, Samantha Cole, hip-hop artists Vita and Dani Stevenson, Grace Hightower, Patrick McMullan and his son Liam McMullan, actor James Ginty, and Marasol Thomas, whose husband Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas admired from the front row.


Others who piled into the show and the after party at nearby restaurant TanDa were Jaid Barrymore, Sale and Casey Johnson, Marissa and Cornelia Bregman.


Patty Hearst’s daughter Lydia Hearst stopped by on the arm of R. Couri Hay, the event’s mastermind, as part of her 18th birthday festivities.


She wore a sexy ensemble that came straight from the runways of Anand Jon’s triumphant show, which had occurred earlier in the evening.


Anand, his sister Sanjana with her fiancé Richard Bernard, his mother Shashai Abraham with her friend from India, Parameshwar Godrej, and Vanessa Semrow, Miss Teen USA accompanied them.


Also Vanity Fair’s Kristina Stewart, Carmen D’Alessio, Lilly and John Georgopoulos, Steve Kalcinides, Alice Judelson, Frank Cilione, Colin Lively, Richard Torrenzano, decorators Lisa Jackson and Catherine Aaron.

Main Events

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