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Daisy, Patricia Field, Matthew David
and Cathy Valdez.
Photo by Jonathan Gati

Event Designer Celebrates
Homage to Patricia Field

By Roger Webster

ATTHEW DAVID, the event designer who is a favorite of Madonna’s, created a real old fashioned happening in his Chelsea studio to unveil his picture-window display of "Magenta Muff, an homage to Patricia Field.”

Field, whose hair color inspired the evening’s theme, is fashion doyenne of HBO’s Sex in the City.

Kirsten Dunst and
Matthew David
Photo by Jonathan Gati

It was an hilarious party where everything was absolutely fabulous, beginning with a magenta and black leopard-printed invitation stuffed into a clear plastic muff with a fuchsia colored ponytail spilling out the side.

Matthew transformed his studio into a hot pink, retro lounge, draping ferocious hot pink leopard furs over sleek mod chaises and using thousands of flowers, in many varieties, including roses, antheriums, hydrangeas, orchids and African daisies.

Lighting maestro Bentley Meeker sparkled the entire space with attention-grabbing fiery red backlights giving everybody a seductive rosy glow.

A terraced pyramid, filled with scores of cupcakes, each topped with custom wafers decorated with Field’s naked silhouette in frosting, created by celebrity chef, Key Winstead, welcomed the guests.

Anand Jon and Lydia Hearst.
Photo by Jonathan Gati

Winstead’s other savory nibbles, served on custom mirrored hot-pink platters, included Mini Baked Brie with Caramel & Toasted Walnuts, Maryland Crab Cakes, Mini Lobster Rolls and Seven Spice Lamb hors d’oeuvres.

Matthew designed elaborate floral Copacabana headdresses to crown three Screaming Queens named Daisy, Fabian Garcia and Cathy Valdez. They circulated among the revelers posing for pictures and entertaining them with their outrageous humor.

People flowed in and out all night long, including Spider-Man’s girlfriend Kirsten Dunst, Muffie Potter Aston who had worked with Matthew when she chaired Live From Lincoln Center’s 25th Anniversary gala, R. Couri Hay, Jive Jones, Dr. James Eisdorfer, Andrea Stark, busy financial crisis guru Richard Torrenzano, a very recently engaged Marjorie Gubelmann, Lucia Hong-Gorden, Carmine Cassino, Julie 

R. Couri Hay (l-r), Lucia Hong-Gordon,
Andrea Stark and Catherine Saxton.
Photo by Patrick McMullan

Hayek, NV’s impresario Frank Cilione, Michelle Suna, Elizabeth Arden’s Colin Lively, Jane Schindler; Paul Carroll, actress Sharon Gardner, who is in the middle of shooting a film in Washington D.C., Christian Roth; Meredith Myers, John Dedeaux, Khrystyne Haje, Jason Lord, Shannon Tosney, Peter Frank, Linda Mansfield, Simon Campbell, Andrea Nemenz; Jake Zamansky and Christine Shaw.

Main Events

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