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Denise Rich Clambake

Operation Smile at the Hiltons
Frances Hayward’s Triple-A Party
Shakespeare Guild Cites Kevin Kline

Rain Can’t Stop
Rich Clambake

HE HAMPTONS are "party central" in the U.S., that is unless you're already in the South of France on your yacht!  It's been a great time for getting together. One of the most fun parties, and strictly not for publicity, was the clambake Denise Rich had for her friends in the middle of a monsoon!

The rains started around 6 p.m., and gained full flood as guests dodged torrential downpours and huddled happily under a massive tent. The lobsters flowed, the BBQ sizzled, the glitterati glistened, and all the while the rain lashed frantically around us.

Still, an evening of fun, good food and great wine, can make even a cold and wet guest have a wonderful time with good friends.

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Kathy and Rick Hilton

Cornelia Bregman (former "Bond"
girl), Denise Wohl and
Michelle Herbert

Somers Farkas, Cigdem Acar and
Ferhan Geylan

Dr. Larry and Sandy  Rosenthal
with Dr. Tom and Diane Dudney

Hiltons Put a Smile
On This Operation

NE party that wasn't quite rained out was Toast To A Child, a benefit for Operation Smile at the home of Rick and Kathy Hilton in Southampton. Operation Smile is the brainchild of Dr. Brian McGee and his wife.

Started some 20 years by a group of plastic surgeons, who realized the powerful impact their work could have on the lives of children born severely deformed with dental, facial and cranial defects.  Some 43,000 children have been helped in 18 countries, including the U.S., and every year this wonderful charity helps more children.

In the cheering section at the party were longtime supporter Gerry Byrne, Somers White, Debbie Bancroft, Patricia Duff, Michele Herbert, and Dr. and Mrs. Larry Rosenthal.

Rosenthal, affectionately known as "dentist to the stars," also does reconstructive surgery on injured patients, but was amazed at the work of Operation Smile and what they accomplish.

The Hiltons hosted the event because the Hilton Foundation has been a longtime supporter of the charity, and gave a $1 million grant to carry on its great work.

Turkish jeweler Ferhan Gilan was on hand before he left for Turkey where he has the most important jewelry stores in Istanbul and Ankara.  Soon their store Gilan will open in the U.S., and everyone is looking forward to having the "Cartier of Turkey" nearby for those wonderful baubles they just love.

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Sarah and Chips Page

Luly Duke (l-r), George Plimpton,
Frances Hayward and author
Michael Connors

Frances Hayward’s
Fabulous Evening

HE next day dawned gray, overcast and dreary.  But by the time the party reached Grey Gardens, it was time for another fabulous party in this legendary spot. International hostess Frances Hayward gathered her usual triple-A list of guests for this annual treat in the gardens of the former Bouvier estate, made famous as a summer retreat for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The gardens are a veritable mass of glorious overgrown blooms, heavily scenting the air with their fragrance. English gardens, elegant, mysterious, and riotous are what everyone thinks at this annual soiree.

Writer George Plimpton hosts this annual bash with Frances and introduced a musicale interlude with musicians from New York Philharmusica, who were joined by two singing birds at appropriate spots to the delight of the crowd.

Multicolored silk tablecloths, burning torches and colors shimmering on the lighted pool had everyone feeling romantic and beautiful.

In the crowd were Michael Connors whose book Caribbean Elegance was the tasty take home gift from Frances.

Luly Duke was on hand promoting one of her favorite causes, that of developing open doors with Cuba to hasten their arrival in the 21st Century.  Billy and Kathy Rayner, Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman, Countess Sharon Sondes with beau Geoffrey Thomas.  A glamorous night was had by all, and to all a Good Night and thank you Frances for another wonderful evening.

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Kevin Kline, holding the Golden Quill
trophy, Kitty Carlisle Hart, and
John F. Andrews, president of the
Shakespeare Guild.

Kevin Kline in Spirit
Of the Bard of Avon

OR all you who love Shakespeare, and the incomparable John Gielgud, the annual ceremony of awarding The Golden Quill by the Shakespeare Guild was a star-studded affair.  Named for one of the world's greatest actors, the John Gielgud Award is presented to an actor in the spirit of Shakespeare.

For the first time the award was made in New York and went to Oscar winner Kevin Kline.  On hand to toast Kevin and make light of Shakespeare were comic genius Bill Irwin and the Monty Python man himself, John Cleese.

Cleese had the glam crowd in stitches when he declared he was there "not to praise Kevin, but to bury him."

He described Kline as the only actor who ever took the role of Hamlet in an effort to become more decisive, and said that what he really needed was to do more of the kind of overacting that had brought him international fame and acclaim. Sophie's Choice was mentioned, as well as his Oscar-winning role in A Fish called Wanda.

Kline, who reminded the crowd of a famous acting instruction – "dying's easy, comedy's hard" – promised to come back to the theatre, preferably with Shakespeare.

The Bard of Avon would have been delighted at the glamour.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

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