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Ron Silver Finds
Raichik Righteous

By Tim Boxer

ON SILVER was quite eager to emcee the fourth annual Children at Heart Celebrity Fantasy Auction at New York’s Chelsea Piers. He’d heard that the event is run by the Righteous Brothers.

“I’m a great rock fan,” he said, “so I couldn’t wait. But when I got here I found they’re not the Righteous Brothers who run this charity – it’s the Raichik brothers.”

The gala evening is sponsored by Children of Chernobyl, with Yossie Raichik at the helm in Israel and brother Abie in New York.

he organization is a humanitarian medical relief project that helps improve the health of children affected by the 1986 nuclear disaster in Ukraine.

Silver presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. He recalled 25 years ago when he and Meara were in the TV series Rhoda.

“Anne would come over to our apartment. Once she brought her children, Ben and Amy. I introduced Ben to grain and grape. He went to school next day in a bit of a fog.”

Main Events

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