Grandma Nina still has the
Perego carriage which served
Gabriel 22 years ago

For High Quality Baby Carriage
The Only Choice is Peg-Perego

By Tim Boxer

E are a Perego family. When our firstborn arrived 22 years ago, Nina and I wanted the best quality baby carriage for our little Gabriel. We found it in Perego. I wheeled him all over Forest Hills. I’m sure he felt like riding in a Rolls Royce.

This is a new century. Gabriel and Rebeka have their own firstborn. They wanted to take little Johnathan out for a stroll in style. So the search was on for the best quality baby carriage.

Gabriel’s wife, Rebeka, has
one-month-old Johnathan in the
21st century version of a
Pego-Perego carriage

They wanted something that would support their lifestyle. Only one such product can deliver, and I volunteered to provide the best.

Again I turned to Perego, which to me is synonymous with high quality. I visited the company’s Web site at (or you may call 1-800-671-1701) to check out the different models. Of course, they’ve created a host of new designs in the last two decades.

What I ordered was the Milano XL Stroller/Carriage, priced at $359.95. It comes in three different tailored Italian fabrics. I chose Chesapeake. The fashionable upholstery is plush, soft to the touch, and completely washable.

Mom carries baby in detachable
car seat

The silver aluminum chassis is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The carriage is a beauty, with all-wheel brakes. It is outfitted with large all-terrain double swivel wheels. Makes navigation a snap.

The back reclines in three positions. The handle is reversible so you push the carriage from behind or in front, facing the baby. Both the hood and the front bumper are removable. It has a great seatbelt system.

Right now it is a carriage. In a few months, as Johnathan grows and his needs change, the carriage will turn into a stroller.

Safely buckled in his car seat,
Johnathan is ready for the road.

I also ordered a car seat base, in a matching color, which Rebeka attached to the back seat of her car. She removed the seat from the carriage and carried the baby with the seat out to the car. She snapped it into the car seat base. Now Johnathan was ready to accompany Mommy to market. Or wherever.

In the years ahead, when Johnathan will need a carriage for his own progeny, I have a good feeling that he will continue a family tradition. He’ll choose Peg-Perego.

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