Main Events

Rebeka and her baby.

Nina and grandson.

Grandparents Lois (right) and Nina
with baby Johnathan.

Tim gets acquainted with his first

Aunts and uncles of the David clan
cheer Gabriel and son Johnathan.

Itís All in the Numbers
As JJJ Enters the World

Story and Photos by Grandpa Tim

VERY baby born in America is endowed with life, liberty and owes a quarter of a million toward the national debt. Those are the prospects of Johnathan Jeremiah Jakob who was brought into the world by Rebeka and Gabriel Boxer at Good Samaritan Hospital in East Islip, Long Island, on Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 2 a.m.

Note the numbers: 07/07/20/2002/0200.

As Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, ďBehold, a man loves nothing more than his own son, yet he goes and circumcises him.Ē Go figure.

Little (8.7 lbs.) Johnathan was initiated into the congregation through the sign of the covenant. I had the honor being the sandek, whose duty is to hold the baby at the cutting edge. Iím proud to report that I didnít faint. (I didnít look, so I didnít faint.)

The mohel, Rabbi Coleve Zafir, did the deed in front of a packed house after Saturday morning services at Young Israel of Merrick where Rabbi Marc Volk is spiritual leader. Among the witnesses were Rebekaís parents, Dr. Aaron and Lois David, and Gabrielís parents, Nina and Tim Boxer.

Also present were three of the babyís great grandparents: Moshe Dovid and Naomi David (Aaronís parents), Reuben and Estelle Ritter (Loisí parents).

Rabbi Nissim Rebibo, president of the Rabbinical Court of Paris, was a special guest.

Main Events

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