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Visioneer PhotoPort TV 100
Morrowind for Xbox
Xbox Controller S
Stardock Cursor XP

Visioneer Lets You
Edit Images on TV
Instead of Computer

ISIONEER PhotoPort TV 100 will make your life a joy when you want to view and edit your digital pictures without a computer. With this neat item you can

  • view your photos on your TV

  • create your own slide shows

  • add captions, quotes and colorful backgrounds and frames

  • crop, rotate, resize images

  • share your photo album with others
  • The product comes with a viewer box, remote control, wireless keyboard, AC adapter and video cable. All it takes is a SmartMedia or CompactFlash memory card with your digital images on it, and a TV.

    Settle into your favorite chair in the family room, attach the PhotoPort to your TV’s (Video-In) connector, put your memory card full of pictures into the slot, then sit back and start creating photo albums with the wireless keyboard.

    The full-function wireless keyboard has keys across the top and side that have been programmed for the most common editing tasks. With a few keystrokes you can create, personalize and share an album.

    Taking pictures is snap. Sharing your photo albums is another thing. This TV-based digital photo appliance lets you share them instantly. You can even record your images to videotape on your VCR.

    Quick Start Guide will help you get set up, and View Tour on the screen will give you a guided tour of the highlights of PhotoPort TV 100.

    Suggested price is $99.99, available at major retailers or at

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    Unique Experience Awaits You

    OU will want a road map when you buy The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, a fast-selling Xbox console game. And you’ll get it – The Morrowind Prophecies, which is a handy reference that will guide you through numerous strategies.

    Morrowind is a single-player game in which you play any kind of character imaginable. Both beginners and veterans will enjoy this title. Beginners will play with a simple interface. Gaming enthusiasts will thrill to its staggering depth and inexhaustible gameplay.

    Whether you follow the main quest or get lost in the lush expansive environments, Morrowind promises to be an experience that’s unique.

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    Microsoft Makes It Easier to Play

    BOX CONTROLLER S from Microsoft is a more user friendly version of the standard Xbox controller, which is packaged inside all Xbox Video Game Systems.

    The Controller S is smaller and more comfortable during extended periods of play. It also features a new button layout. This allows you to select button combinations more quickly, an important consideration in certain games.

    The black and white buttons are now located below the primary buttons instead of the top of the controller. The Start/Back buttons have been relocated below the left thumbstick. Other improvements have been made.

    Xbox Controller S is available retail at $39.99.

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    Turn Cursor into Art

    IRED of the traditional look of your mouse cursor? Stardock has released a new program, Cursor XP, which gives you innumerable cursors of various sizes, shapes and animations. You can make your own cursors using .PNG files for each frame of animation.

    Cursor XP is freeware, for use on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, taking advantage of their advanced visual effects.

    For $10 you can upgrade to a Stardock Cursor XP plus, which provides additional features and function. You get sound effects for certain actions. You can also change the color and size of the cursors.

    Download the program at

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