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High Society Goes to the Zoo
To Save World’s Wild Lands

By Roger Webster

HAT a magical evening! The Wildlife Conservation Society’s gala, Penguins and Pearls, sponsored by Tiffany & Co. in the Central Park Zoo raised a whopping $1.9 million for the institution, which manages the city’s zoos and aquarium and is dedicated to saving wildlife and wild lands throughout the world.

Cornelia Guest
Photo by Chance Yeh

The sea lions put on a show to thank those who put the event together so brilliantly, including co-chairs Allison and Leonard Stern, Jessie and Rand Araskog, Muffie Potter Aston and Dr. Sherrell Aston, Debbie Bancroft, Catherine Cahill and William Bernhard, Norma Dana, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Susie and Ed Hayes, Darlene and Brian Heidkte, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Fernanda Kellogg, Carol Mack, Judy Price, Lisa Schiff, Christine and Steve  Schwarzman, Ginny and Warren Schwerin, Patricia Hearst Shaw, Andrea and John Stark, and CeCe Black.

Animal starlets whocame down from the Bronx zoo with their trainers included Zack, a  Malaccan Cockatoo with trainer Teri Kolpakova; Veda, a three-year-old Fennec Fox; Bob, a barn owl who shrieked so loudly when he spotted a squirrel that he was asked to leave; a two-toed sloth named Frankie; a spring hare from South Africa with trainer Craig Gibbs, and  a very young wallaby named Nachman with Sara Morse.

Patricia Hearst and Veta, a
Fennec Fox
Photo by Steve Sands

Most of the junior and associate chairs were also there, including Tory Burch, Ashley Schiff, Jennifer Creel, Cornelia Guest, Amanda Hearst, Lydia Hearst-Shaw, Marissa Bregman and Elizabeth Kieselstein-Cord.

Models Filippa Edberg, Nora Ariffin, Fleure Presner and Gabriela Salvado wore black and white gowns designed by gala chair Carolina Herrera, plus amazing pearl and diamond jewelry by corporate sponsor Tiffany & Co.

Carolina, arrived on the arm of her husband Reinaldo, was glamorous in a chic black and white silk taffeta ensemble.

Jamee Gregory and Craig Gibbs
with an African Spring Hare

WCS president Dr. Steven E. Sanderson and board chairman David T. Schiff presented Tiffany sterling silver engraved boxes to the honoree Louise and Edgar Cullman and Carroll Petrie. One hundred-year-old Brooke Astor was also honored but could not make it.

Guests included Jane Alexander and Ed Sherin, Denise Rich, Pat Buckley, Nan Kempner, Kimberly and Steven Rockefeller with their son Stevie, Tiffany’s president Michael Kowalski with his wife Barbara, Cynthia and Dan Lufkin, Carol Mack, Jeffrey Hirsch, Susan and Coleman Burke, Guy Cary and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., David Patrick Columbia, Hilary and Anthony Dick, Mark Gillespie, Patricia Duff, Barbara and Donald Tober, Frederic Fekkai, Alexandra Lind and Louis Rose, Taki Theodoracopulos, Bettina Zilkha, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Trip Gabriel, Marjorie Gubelmann, Jo and Paul  Hallingby, Kalliope Karella, Kirk Henckels, Adair and Bill Beutel, Clarissa and Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Nils Larson and Anne Grauso, Katherine Bryan, Ara and Rachel Hovnanian, John Galliher, CJ Satterwhite, Thomas Knapp, Cynthia and Ronald Beck, Jill Brooke and Gary Goldstein, and Dr. Howard Sobel.

Jo and Paul Hallingby with
Sara Morse and Nachman, the
Photo by DMI

The last tier of the evening featured champagne Veuve Clicquot, dessert of coconut torte, Penguin cookies, and dancing to music by deejay David Chang.

Kudos to Susie Hanchett and her staff at WCS as well as Susan Bell Events for putting it all together and controlling the details with such focused effort, talent and grace.

Main Events

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