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William Thompson Jr. (l-r),
Gabriel Caprio, Barbara J. Easterling
and Joshua Matza

Israel Crisis Sparks
Investment Bonds

HE latest suicide bombing in Israel got immediate reaction from two speakers at an Israel Bonds dinner for B’nai B’rith finance unit at the New York Hilton.

Joshua Matza, the new presidential nominee of the bonds organization, declared that there is only one answer to Yasir Arafat: “Strengthen the economy of Israel.”

Picking up on that note, New York City comptroller William Thompson Jr. promised to “review our portfolio of Israel Bonds to increase our stake.”

He pledged “to find a way to increase our purchases of Israel Bonds.”

The banking and corporate guests at the event, which honored Amalgamated Bank president Gabriel Caprio, purchased a total of $11.5 million of Israel Bonds.

Main Events

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