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Joshua Matza, Israel Bonds
head, and New York State
comptroller Carl McCall.

Children Bond With Parents
By Investing in Israeli Economy

Story By Tim Boxer
Photos by Steve Friedman

RCHIE? What kind of name is that for a woman? As Jerome Gottesman, chairman of Edison Properties, presented the Israel Bonds Builder of Israel Award to his daughter Archie, his company’s executive vice president, he explained the name game.

“My wife Paula and I agree on many things, but we couldn’t agree on a name for our second child. We used to call Paula’s tummy Archie, so even though we got a baby girl, the name stuck.”

Archie, who was honored at an Israel Bonds real estate luncheon at the New York Hilton, said she experienced quite a shock one day in Hebrew school when she saw a picture of a little boy with his hands in the air, being taken away by the Nazis.

“You were here, grandpa,” she said. “What did you do during the Holocaust?”

“We didn’t know what was happening,” he answered.

Grandpa’s sad eyes met his granddaughter’s enquiring eyes, and he sighed: “We should have done more. We did not do enough.”

Jerome Gottesman (l-r) and daughter
Archie Gottesman with
Roger A. Silverstein and father
Larry A. Silverstein.

Another father, real estate megastar Larry Silverstein, who owned the World Trade Center, presented a Builder of Israel Award to his son, Roger, senior vice president of Silverstein Properties.

Larry recalled a solidarity mission when Yitzhak Shamir took Roger aside and told him, “We need housing here, now. Tell your father.”

“I can say no to the prime minister,” Larry said, “but I can’t say no to my son.”

Carl McCall told the 400 luncheon guests that when he became New York state comptroller eight years ago, he was surprised to learn that not one of his predecessors had ever purchased Israel Bonds. “Yet it’s such a good investment.”

McCall announced a third purchase of $10 million in Israel Bonds from the New York State Common Retirement Fund, which has $112 billion. The fund now holds $78 million in Israel Bonds and other Israeli securities.

Main Events

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