DirtBuster Floor & Hand Vac
With Great New Features

Y old vacuum cleaner was a stalwart necessity. It was good and efficient, but oh so bulky. It was hard to maneuver, hard to carry, and too big to put away neatly. It was so last century.

I just found the perfect vacuum cleaner at www.blackanddecker.com.

Black & Decker has introduced the DirtBuster Floor and Hand Vac, with innovative design and pleasing indigo color. It is really lightweight Ė ideal not only for houses and offices, but especially for studio apartments in the city and dorm rooms on campus.

It is so easy to use. By tapping the foot pedal, you can use the vac on hard floors. Tap it again, and itís ready to clean carpets.

Most convenient, you donít have to grapple with vacuum bags. Put that in the past.

The DirtBuster comes with a Double Action Filter System. The filter deflects dirt and debris off a primary filter screen into the dirt bowl. A secondary pleated filter captures the fine dust. Nice feature: Your hands donít touch the dirt when you empty the dirt bowl.

Thatís not all. This is actually two vacs in one.

When you detach the power head, it turns into a hand vac, great for stairs, upholstery, car interiors and other surfaces hard to reach with the standard upright.

Attach the separate flexible vacuum hose to the power head, and youíre ready to tackle those hard to reach areas along draperies, baseboards, corners and under cabinets.

Price for the FV5000 (4.6 amps) is $69.99 and the FV7000 (6.6 amps) is $59.99. Available at major retailers and specialty shops.

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