Sweet Smell of Success
Martin Richards (center) with director
Nicholas Hytner (left) and star John Lithgow.

Jack Noseworthy and Kelli O’Hara.

Kelli O’Hara, John Lithgow, Jane Seymour
and choreographer Christopher Wheeldon.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer congratulates
John Lithgow.

Walter Cronkite and wife Betsy.

Martin’s Sweet Success
For Children in Need

Photos by Jay Brady

WEET Smell of Success has always been one of my favorite movies. Dark, brooding, foreboding and timeless.  A story of good and evil, and two eternal characters – JJ Hunsecker and Sidney Falco.

Marty Richards and Georgette Mosbacher hosted a glamorous preview of the Broadway musical, benefiting Mary Lea Johnson Richards Child’s Advocacy Center, which they co-chair and totally love.

The center is named for Marty’s late wife, who dedicated much of her life to helping children in need.  Marty also serves as a producer for Sweet Smell – and hopefully he’s scenting a whole lot of success in this terrific musical.

Cocktails at Sardi’s, followed by the show, followed by dinner, made it a wonderful evening, filled with great theatre, beautiful friends, interesting conversation, on a cold wintry evening.

Georgette was drop dead gorgeous in a full-length fur. Dr. Ruth (Westheimer, if you didn’t know) entertained all with her accent and charm.

Woody Johnson was there.  He’s Mary Lea’s brother, owner of the Jets football team, and a newly minted man-about-town.

Arlene Dahl, the ever-glamorous movie star, and hubby and fragrance legend Marc Rosen, were there.  Denise Rich and Jane Seymour came for dinner and wowed everyone with their super chic presence.

Center co-chair Michele Herbert wowed in leather, and most of the ladies wore their Dennis Basso furs.

Show stars John Lithgow and Kelli O’Hara entered Sardi’s to roisterous applause – just like in the old Hollywood movies.  It’s good to know that the tradition continues.

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Joan Allen and daughter

Tori Burch with KISS-able kids.

Warner Makes Kids Happy
And Shows New York Cares

Photos by Rob Rich

HE very youngest social people where having fun and whooping it up when Warner Bros. joined with Barron and Conrad Hilton (the junior versions of their very famous grandfather and great grandfather respectively), to invite all their dear friends to see Scooby Doo and Friends in Stagefright at the Radio City Music Hall.

With some 6,000 kids whooping it up, it was a lively place to be.  Warner Bros. Consumer Products division generously donated 300 tickets to New York Cares and made so many children happy.

Barron and Conrad were joined by school chums, friends of friends, and a host of other well known faces (painted and unpainted), including one easily recognizable face, Lourdes Leon (more famously known as Madonna’s child).

Kathy Hilton, Scooby Doo,
Conrad, Bugs Bunny, Barron
and Rick.

The party continued on at Rock Center Café, where the kids woofed down Scooby snacks, watched the Rockefeller Center skaters, and a wonderful time was had by all.

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Donald Trump and Mayor
Michael Bloomberg.

Jane and Michael Petrycki

Gregg Wyman, Pamela Morgan,
B. Smith and Dan Gasby

Michele Herbert and
Dennis Basso

Bloomberg Is Mayor
But Trump Is New York

Photos by Rob Rich

HE Kite Dance is as light and as whimsical as its name. The ladies dress in the prettiest colored dresses (ban those black ones!), their loveliest jewels, and a lighthearted spirit for a serious occasion.

Dawn Zimmerman founded the Children’s Development Center of the Hamptons in loving support of her son Jon who is autistic. The CDCH Charter School creates a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for learning where each student is given the tools, confidence and courage to reach for the stars.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was this year’s recipient of the Reach for the Stars Award, which Donald Trump presented.

It was funny to hear the two men ribbing about how much of New York is named for them!  In the end, it was a standoff of equal value to these two men who are quintessential New Yorkers.

Melania Knaus, the beautiful supermodel, was escorted by her favorite date Donald.  Mayor Bloomberg came with this bodyguards and advance team.

Acclaimed restaurateurs B. Smith and Dan Gasby, Dr. Larry and Sandy Rosenthal, Michelle and Frank Rella, Dennis Basso, Michele Herbert, and some 400 others crowded into the Pierre ballroom.  The dedicated and caring Jane and Michael Petrycki co-chaired the event and did so much to ensure its enormous success.

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Beacons of Light
Photo by Rob Rich

Beacons of Light

AST month, a poignant memorial for the six-month anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster.  To mark the date, a whole day of ceremonies was held in Lower Manhattan.  Thousands came to mourn and remember that fateful day in September when the world stood still and evil went on a rampage.

The six months since that time have been awful and awesome.  An equal mix of something purely evil being balanced by the very best of mankind.

In a moving tribute to the dead and the living, two enormous Twin Towers of Light came to life on March 11.  They will stand as beacons of hope and inspiration to all who see them in the night sky, reaching towards the heavens to all the souls resting at peace there.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

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