Nikon’s Coolpix 775
Is a Fun Camera

By Tim Boxer

IKON’S neat little package, Coolpix 775, weighing in at 6.5 ounces, easily fits into your pocket or handbag. The ultra-compact unit packs a 3x Optical Zoom-Nikkor lens and 2 megapixel CCD. With the Coolpix 775, you’ll never be without a camera.

It is the first digital camera with a one-touch button that allows you to upload your images from the camera directly to the desktop.

This camera makes it extremely easy to share, email and print pictures, and even create online photo albums. You connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable, press the transfer button on the back of the camera, and the photos move to the desktop.

The comfortable side grip lets you hold the camera for easy shooting.

If you install the NikonView software that comes with the camera, you can upload the photos to NikonNet where you can share them via email or create online photo albums.

With the simple turn of the mode dial, you may choose from one of seven scenes: party/indoor, backlight, portrait, night portrait, landscape, beach/snow and sunset. You’ll become a one-touch pro in no time.

The 3x Optical Zoom-Nikkor lens allows you the 35mm equivalent of a zoom range of 38-115mm.

Besides a USB cable for plug-and-play simplicity, you also get an 8MB CompactFlash memory card, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with charger.

This is a fun camera, and very handy. But make no mistake: You’re working with the  superior technology of a Nikon brand so you know you’ll be getting great shots – with the click of a button.

The camera lists for $399.95 at

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