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Lexmark X83 Multi-Function Device

Magellan’s Travel Gadgets

Lexmark X83 Is a Great
Three-way Print Center

HREE years ago I got a scanner, which lasted all of one year. I took it back to CompUSA and they graciously uptraded to another of the same brand that cost twice as much ($400). I paid the difference and took it, figuring it had to be twice as better. Well, it lasted twice as long, but then it too suffered an early demise.

Now I have a new machine. This time I chose a different brand, and am happier for it. Not only has the Lexmark X83 proven to be better in every way, but much less expensive. CompUSA sells it for $199.97.

For that quite reasonable price, Lexmark X83 is an All-in-One Color Print Center: scanner, printer and copier. What a bargain!

The scanner is of the flatbed variety. That’s neat, because I scan book covers, the front of boxes and other items.

Lexmark has a less expensive multifunction model ($149 at Target), but the scanner is not a flatbed; it is sheet-fed.

The X83 prints 12 ppm in black, 6 ppm color. The stand-alone copy speed is 10 cpm black, 3 cpm color. The copier can handle 1-99 copies at a time. Scanner resolution is 600x1200 dpi.

One thing, among others, that I love about the Lexmark is the display of black and color ink levels on your monitor when you’re printing. You can see when you should stock up on replacement cartridges.

I’m glad I got this unit. It does three machines in one package.

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Traveling Secure and Safe

FTER you’ve received your nifty new suitcases and carry-on luggage from Magellan’s, what you need now are some handy identity and safety items for your trip. Magellan’s, your source for countless ideas for safe and secure travel, offers quite a few items that you can’t do without.

You can order from America’s leading source of travel supplies online at or call 800 962-4943. Here are several smart suggestions, which we found indispensable for the savvy traveler. Always specify your choice of color for each item.

Neon Luggage Tags (LA321). What’s different about these is that only your name shows through the window. The rest of the information on the tag – address and phone number – are hidden inside the tag. Choose from green, orange and yellow, at $6.85 a pair.

Easy Spot Handle Wraps (LA185). Here’s an alternative to the traditional name tags. Your business card or nametag is enclosed within this nylon wrap, which is fastened around any handle with velcro. Print your name on it with any permanent marker, and you will easily spot your bag on the luggage carousel. Use it on backpacks, laptops, briefcases, camera cases and other possessions. Comes in neon green, neon yellow and neon pink, three in a pack at $14.95.

3-Dial Locking Strap (LA320). Now that you have your bags well identified, you can use this multicolored belt to tie around the bag. It ties securely with a three-dial combination lock. Once it’s locked, no one can loosen it or pull it off the end of your bag. The strap adjusts from 40 to 70 inches and comes in rainbow, green, stripe, red or black, at $12.85.

Neon Combo Lock (SL400). These small reliable combination locks come in bright neon colors that make your luggage stand out when you’re looking up and down the carousel. Available in pink, green or orange, at $9.85 a pair.

Cable Lock (SL624). What do you when you have to put you bags down when you’re looking around the duty-free shop? If you want your bags to still be there, lock them together. Or secure them to the metal rack in your train compartment. In any situation, you need this adjustable length cable lock, with maximum length of 42 inches, at $14.85.

PrivaSeals (SL626A). An alternate way to keep your luggage securely closed. Snap this tiny PrivaSeal on your zippered bag, and no one can open it without breaking the seal. Individually numbered. Packaged one dozen to a reclosable pouch, $4.85.


Security Alarm (SP608). You need this if you find yourself in an unfamiliar area or out late at night. Pull the grenade-style pin and a shrill blast will startle any assailant. The alarm will call help. You can hang it on a door or window and use it the same way. $9.85.

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Light up your life

ERE’S a way to put a glow in your cocktail as well as in your life. Drop a Lightcube or two into your drink and you’ll see the light. In fact, you’ll be the light of the party. These little plastic blocks, which resemble ice cubes, actually contain a battery-operated light that illuminates the cubes.

“It’s like fire and ice,” says inventor Carl VanderSchuit. “Imagine a waterproof candle that can be submerged in a drinking glass, tub or pool – without going out.”

Litecubes are non-toxic, and contain a gel that allows it to be frozen to keep beverages cold. You activate the Litecube by tapping on one side, and turn it off by tapping it again. They can last for dozens of hours.

Priced from $13.36 to $17.95 a four-pack at

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