Anand Jon, Helen Yarmak,
Tina Louise.

Putin Invites 9/11 Kids
For a Russian Holiday

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by Chance Yeh

USSIAN President Vladimir Putin was so moved by the human suffering the September 11 attack caused that he invited children who lost family members for a holiday in Russia. He asked Frank Foundation Child Assistance International to arrange these trips.

The Frank Foundation is a good choice as they are dedicated to helping children who are the victims of war. They arranged the adoption of more than 6,000 Russian orphans over the last ten years and rescued 100 injured children from war-torn Chechnya and Georgia.

The organization is currently evacuating as many of the most traumatized children in Afghanistan to Tajikistan for rehabilitative treatment and medical care. I say as many as they can because the cost of rescuing each child is roughly $30,000. Their funds are limited and the number of needy children in Afghanistan is countless.

The Frank Foundation was honored recently at the Bentley Manhattan showroom on Park Avenue by Russian furrier Helen Yarmak. Her clients include Jim Carrey, Anna Kornikova, Jack Nicholson, Melanie Griffith, Luciano Pavarotti, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

Fur clad Ford models on the red

A bevy of beautiful Ford Agency models along with hunky male models Michael Fagan and Mauricio Amuy arrived in Rolls-Royces to prance down a red carpet in Yarmak’s new fur and jewelry designs, much to the delight of the crowd of well wishers. It seems a little ironic but it is one way of getting the word around.

Among the guests were Frank Cilione and Shamin Abas, fresh from celebrating the sixth anniversary of their NV club on Spring Street, Richard Torrenzano, Helen and Tim Schifter, Ninotchka Tenhoppen, Grace Hightower, lighting wizard Bentley Meeker, always stylish Amy Rosi, Michele Gerber Klein, Elite model Heidi Albertsen, Black Tie International’s handsome publisher Gerry McKeon, and Russian born Mila Andre of the Daily News, with Vitali Baganov, who plays one of those tough Russians on The Sopranos, sipped vodka and devoured Petrossian Paris’s hors d’oeuvres.

Tina Louise, who was named as a child Tatiana Josivovna Chernova, told Frank Foundation president Nina Kostina and communications officer Julie Hogan about her Russian roots, while congratulating them on their amazing work.

Tina told the evening’s emcee, R. Couri Hay, as he bid for items at the silent auction that benefited the foundation, that she once studied the Russian language, but then her career took off in Italy and she had to learn Italian, after which she was shipwrecked on Gilligan’s Island – and the rest is pop history.

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