Michael Bloomberg

Dip Into Deep Pockets
Of Wall Street Players

By Tim Boxer

HE Wall Street community sent one resounding message to the terrorists who struck at the brick and mortar symbol of American capitalism. As Bear Stearns’ Alan (“Ace”) Greenberg put it so colorfully: “Osama Bin Laden, kiss our collective asses.”

His remark came minutes before Michael Bloomberg dropped into the Wall Street dinner of UJA-Federation at the New York Hilton.

The mayor-elect said that when he worked at Salomon Bros., he was asked to solicit gifts for an upcoming UJA-Federation fundraiser. The dinner took place on a Monday night at the height of the football season.

Ace Greenberg, who presided over the event, told the audience, “If you set a record, I’ll get you out of here in time for the game.”

That did it. “You get to reach into your pockets more than you ever did,” Bloomberg said.

As John Mulheren, ceo of Bear Hunter Holdings, came up to receive the Gustave L. Levy Award at the annual Wall Street dinner, he displayed a keen sense of humor.

“I’m not much of a public speaker,” he began. “Last time I stood up was when they said, ‘Will the defendant pleased rise.’”

Mulheren said he’s not Jewish but his late father taught him to be diverse with his friends. His family is involved in more than 150 charities.

“I’m not Jewish but I believe in the work of UJA-Federation,” he said. “It’s the same union, but different locals.”

Mulheren helped raise a record-breaking $19 million for the Wall Street dinner.

He asked Ace, “What’s the singular of goyim?”

“In your case,” Ace replied, “it’s a mensch.”

Not to be outdone by Ace, Mulheren declared, “Osama Bin Laden, you can kiss our ecumenical asses.”

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