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Aya Azrielant

Virtual Back and Virtual Drive
Olympus P-400 Printer

Aya Azrielant and Nina Boxer go for
the gold at Bloomingdales.

Aya Azrielant Jewelry Collection
A Triumph for Today’s Woman

MBELLISHING cords of white and yellow 18K gold with stunning diamonds and wonderfully textured settings, Aya Azrielant has created a new must-have collection for the contemporary woman.

For 20 years, her private-label company, Andin International in New York, has been one of the largest fine jewelry manufacturing companies in the U.S.

Jade is featured prominently in Azrielant’s
Edwardian and estate-inspired colored
gemstone, pavé diamond and 18K white gold

This Victorian-inspired diamond and trellised
18K white gold jewelry features the kind of
intricate latticework and attention to detail that
are a rarity in this day and age.

Aya's featured beaded diamond collection
in 18k yellow and white gold—comprised of
both studs and hoop earrings, a necklace,
a ring, and line bracelets, pictured both in white
and yellow gold—is suitable for a casual look
or to compliment an evening ensemble.

Progressive textures, luxurious materials and a balance of form and movement combine to endow Azrielant’s Fall 2001 collection with a beauty both surreal and ephemeral. She debuted her new line at Bloomingdales in New York.

Underscoring Aya’s talents is her skillful interpretation of the Fall season’s hot “long look” in her pendant necklaces, and her take on the chunky styles as evidenced in the rings and earrings in this line.

Aya has reinvented the look and feel of fine jewelry with her trellised 18K white and yellow gold and bezel diamond, blue topaz and pink sapphire and citrine collection.

While the Victorian latticework on the necklace is immediately striking, it is Aya’s attention to detail in the trellising of the smaller pieces such as the earrings that mark her as a master of her craft.

Nowhere is Aya more mindful of her inspiration than in her Solitaire collection of beaded diamonds set in 18k yellow and white gold.

Simple yet luxuriant rings, hoop earrings, line bracelets and necklaces bring a touch of the ethereal even the most everyday of situations.

Playing with the texture of the gold and the setting of the diamonds, Aya has created a line of jewelry that can enhance everything from wardrobe basics to special occasion attire.

Aya’s juxtaposition of diamonds and gold achieves new heights in her Princess Collection of diamonds invisibly set in 18K gold. The diamonds are laser set next to one another to achieve maximum brilliance resulting in a bold, geometrically balanced collection that shines bright above the rest.

Setting the trends for the redefinition of gold, the rejuvenation of the diamond and the combination of old and new influences, Aya has created a line that soothes the spirit and gratifies the eye.

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Organize Your Photos
On CDs for the Market

AVE you thought about packaging your marketable digital photos to share with relatives and friends – or even for commercial distribution? If you’re ready to sell your photos, E-Book Systems has a great program that will help you do just that.

FlipAlbum Professional 4.0 creates 3D page-flipping albums on CDs. It’s an ideal solution to organize your photos for presentation on a CD.  The recipient can copy the photos from your CVD to their hard drive.

You may also use the image encryption option to prevent such copying of your images from the CD. It’s your choice.

Viewers simply pop your CD into their computer and watch your albums come alive instantly. No software installation required.

With this program you can also create a playlist of your favorite musical tracks as background. You can also add spoken and written descriptions on each album page.

FlipAlbum Professional 4.0 includes 3,000 graphics, musical tracks and design borders/frames to enhance your creativity.

It goes without saying that your computer must have a CD-R or CD-RW drive and CD writer software.

Suggested price is $149.95 at

In case you just want to organize your digital photos intro a neat album in your PC, then go for FlipAlbum 4.0.

This version allows you to layout images and multimedia files on each album page. By using both single and double-page mode, you’re able to see both portrait and landscape pictures. And you can send them to friends on the Web.

Through E-Book’s patented Digital Flip technology, you can view pages on your computer as if you were reading a traditional tome. You turn pages on the screen like a paper book.

Suggested price is $39.95, available at

E-Book Systems was founded in 1998 intent on bringing the look of the paper-based book to digital albums. They’ve succeeded admirably.

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How to Recover from

Crash or Virus Attack

Virtual Back

IRTUAL BACK is a restoration utility that protects and monitors your hard drive. It will automatically backup any file changes to the hard disk.

One minute after a system crash, virus attack, accidental data loss, power failure, failed software installation or accidental hard disk reformatting, Virtual Back will get your computer cleanly restored and functioning again. When disaster strikes, you restore the system simply by restarting.

So you can download any files over the Internet without the anxiety of becoming a victim to virus invasions.

Virtual Drive

IRTUAL DRIVE emulates a CD drive, allowing you to run CD-ROM software without actually loading a CD. You can create up to 23 Virtual CD-ROM Drives. If you apply this to your Notebook, you save battery life by running a CD without a physical CD-ROM drive.

Once you build a Virtual Drive icon, you no longer need to switch to a CD-ROM drive, so the startup time between CD-ROM drives is eliminated. Click on the icon to access the CD. It can save you time and money.

The libraries of Allegheny County, Pa., use Virtual Drive on many of their 1,700 PCs at 82 sites. The biggest use of the utility is with children’s CDs.

In the past, a child would have to ask a library assistant to load a CD. When the youngster was finished, he’d have to bother the library assistant again to take the CD out of the computer. That can waste a lot of the assistant’s time.

Today, with Virtual Drive installed, anyone can access the program they want simply by clicking on the appropriate icon. The program is virtually inserted. The user can load and unload the program by themselves.

Both products come from Far Stone Technology, an innovative designer of utility software for computers, both personal and network. Based in Irvine, Calif., they have offices in Taiwan, China, Japan and Europe. Order at

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Olympus P-400

Olympus Photo Printer
Gives Outstanding Photos

ERE is a high quality photo printer from Olympus that I believe will delight all you professional photographers and dedicated amateurs alike. The impressive P-400 is a high-speed dye-sublimation printer that gives you an A4 size (8.25” x 11.7”) photograph in just 90 seconds. That’s great when you compare with an inkjet machine that takes several minutes.

The prints are truly realistic, hard to distinguish from pictures you’d get from a lab. The P-400 uses dye-sublimation technology as opposed to inkjet printers that uses a matrix of dots. Translation: The P-400 produces true continuous-tone images. The pictures are also fade resistant.

You don’t even need the computer to use the P-400. It has built-in SmartMedia and PC Card slots. So you can print from a card or directly from a PC using USB or parallel port.

The cost per print is $1.90. The dye sub ribbon cartridge gives you 50 prints. So it comes out that each A4 size print costs you $1.90. Not bad at all.

Most important: This is an Olympus product. The company has been creating innovative solutions for consumers and professionals alike for 82 years. You can rely on it.

Suggested price is $999. See

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