Kathleen Turner (from left),
Ms. Foundation executive director
Sara K. Gould, Ms. president
Marie C. Wilson and Amy Irving.

Comedians Dish Laughs
To Get Us Back on Track

By Tim Boxer

ATHLEEN TURNER, Amy Irving and tennis ace Martina Navratilova laughed heartily with the rest of us at the Women’s 13th Annual Comedy Hour at Carolines on Broadway. A fine lineup of great comediennes helped unburden our anxieties for a spell in these dark days of homeland terror.

“I spent 39 years mad at my country,” declared Janeane Garofalo. “Now I’m mad on behalf of my country.”

Marie C. Wilson, president of the Ms. Foundation that sponsors this annual laugh fest, said this was the largest audience they’ve had. “Maybe we need something to laugh about.” Indeed, we do.

Sara K. Gould, Martina Navratilova,
Marie C. Wilson and Gloria Steinem.

On that note, comedienne Vickie Shaw, a self-proclaimed “lesbian from Texas,” tells her two sons and daughter that if some guy at school says, “So your mom’s gay?” they should ask him, “Why? Does your mom want to date her?”

She said a man asked her why she hates men. Actually she doesn’t hate men. “Divorced heterosexual women hate men.”

With all this hate and terror fomenting from foreign shores, we certainly don’t need a dose of danger from homegrown terrorists.

As Wilson observed, poisoned mail in this country is nothing new. Planned Parenthood has long been a target, dealing with anthrax attacks for a decade. They even sent out a mailing declaring, “You can open your letters, we can’t.”

I’m at an age when
remembering something
right away is as good
as an orgasm.

Gloria Steinem

Nostalgic for former days of relative normalcy, Gloria Steinem told about a cartoon of a woman at an airline counter. “Where do you want to go?” the clerk asks. “September 10,” she says.

Comedienne Robin Montague, who emceed the program and at times seemed to upstage the talent with her own hilarious comments, also urged everyone to get on with their lives and not let the terrorists win.

She said she goes to rehab centers and tells them, “Go back to whatever you were doing on September 10 – get high!”



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