Leon Charney and his gorgeous wife Tzili.

Bud Beame (the late New York mayor’s son)
perusing Charney’s book.

Charney autographs for legendary talk show
host Joe Franklin.

TV producer Bill Boggs with jewelry designer
Jane A. Gordon.

Israeli Knesset member Dr. Yuva Steinitz of
Likud (left) with Newsweek on Air senior
editor David Alpern and TV producer
Norma Davidoff.

Eric M. Javits (left), new ambassador to the
Conference on Disarmament, Charney, and
New York State comptroller Carl McCall.

TV’s The Charney Report
Now Between Covers

Story and Photos by Tim Boxer

EON CHARNEY, who’s been hosting a wonderful television program every Sunday for a dozen years, probing the world’s top personalities regarding the Middle East, has compiled a book of his most scintillating interviews.

Many of his ardent New York fans packed the second floor of the venerable 21 Club to hail the publication of The Charney Report (Barricade, $24.95), a compilation of his most critical interviews on the TV show of the same name.

“I wrote the book,” the self-made millionaire said, “not because I need the royalties but because Israeli-Palestinian relations is an extremely important issue.”

Quite a few of the guests agreed, snapping up copies to be autographed.

The book bristles with scintillating inside information on an enduring conflict between two peoples battling for ownership of a piece of Mideast real estate.

In the book, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres offers a lesson in negotiating. He cautions that one must never publicly reveal in advance one’s innermost views.

“I have learned from experience that everything that becomes known is dead. When you and I are sitting together negotiating, you have your proposals, I have mine. There’s no chance that you would take my proposals or that I would take yours.

“The art of negotiation is to create new proposals. If you publish them ahead of time, you kill them.”

Of course, Charney already knew that.

You see, Charney was a critical factor in the Camp David negotiations that led to peace between Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin. Charney was a behind-the-scenes advisor to President Jimmy Carter. Charney told the whole fascinating story in his previous book, Special Counsel.

Charney, real estate mogul and diplomatic power broker, was quite modest about reaping riches from his latest book – even though sales are brisk.

“The advance covered one week of my children’s kindergarten.”


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