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USO troupe stands proudly behind the flag.
Photo by Rob Rich

USO Tribute to Servicemen

By Catherine Saxton

ATRIOTISM is very high in the U.S. right now.  Never more so than at the 40th anniversary of the USO of Metro New York.  This service organization has been there for Americans in uniform during war and peace since the Second World War.

Flags, banners, men and women in uniforms of the armed forces, added to the excitement of the evening.  As everyone noted, the young men and women looked so young, and yet they are prepared to fight and die for their country.

Entertainment was provided by the current Miss USO 2001, Emma Lampert, and her troupe – USO entertainment director Victoria Reed, Miss USO 1998 Ellen Sowney, and Amanda Baker.

Other performances included a choir from the Coast Guard, David Rodriguez the singing policeman, and so many others.

The colors were marched, the anthem sang, the gentle wail of the bagpipes played Amazing Grace.  It was so moving.

Real estate mogul Charles Cohen received the USO Gold Medal Award for his long service as a board member of the USO of Metro New York and his many other philanthropic work.

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