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Aya Azrielant

Azrielant Jewelry Collection
A Triumph for Today’s Woman

MBELLISHING cords of white and yellow 18K gold with stunning diamonds and wonderfully textured settings, Aya Azrielant has created a new must-have collection for the contemporary woman.

Aya and her husband Ofer came from Israel to form Andin International in New York. Their private-label company became one of the largest fine jewelry manufacturing companies in the U.S.

After twenty years of intense involvement in the daily running of Andin, Aya is now focusing her attention on the development of her designer jewelry line, while Ofer continues to run the large private-label company.

Jade is featured prominently in Azrielant’s
Edwardian and estate-inspired colored
gemstone, pavé diamond and 18K white gold

This Victorian-inspired diamond and trellised
18K white gold jewelry features the kind of
intricate latticework and attention to detail that
are a rarity in this day and age.

Azrielant’s featured beaded diamond collection
in 18k yellow and white gold—comprised of
both studs and hoop earrings, a necklace,
a ring, and line bracelets, pictured both in white
and yellow gold—is suitable for a casual look
or to compliment an evening ensemble.

Progressive textures, luxurious materials and a balance of form and movement combine to endow Azrielant’s Fall 2001 collection with a beauty both surreal and ephemeral.

Underscoring Azrielant’s talents is her skillful interpretation of the Fall season’s hot “long look” in her pendant necklaces, and her take on the chunky styles as evidenced in the rings and earrings in this line.

Azrielant has reinvented the look and feel of fine jewelry with her trellised 18K white and yellow gold and bezel diamond, blue topaz and pink sapphire and citrine collection.

While the Victorian latticework on the necklace is immediately striking, it is Azrielant’s attention to detail in the trellising of the smaller pieces such as the earrings that mark her as a master of her craft.

Nowhere is Aya Azrielant more mindful of her inspiration than in her Solitaire collection of beaded diamonds set in 18k yellow and white gold.

Simple yet luxuriant rings, hoop earrings, line bracelets and necklaces bring a touch of the ethereal even the most everyday of situations.

Playing with the texture of the gold and the setting of the diamonds, has created a line of jewelry that can enhance everything from wardrobe basics to special occasion attire.

Azrielant’s juxtaposition of diamonds and gold achieves new heights in her Princess Collection of diamonds invisibly set in 18K gold. The diamonds are laser set next to one another to achieve maximum brilliance resulting in a bold, geometrically balanced collection that shines bright above the rest.

Setting the trends for the redefinition of gold, the rejuvenation of the diamond and the combination of old and new influences, Azrielant has created a line that soothes the spirit and gratifies the eye.

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Norton SystemWorks 2002

Symantec Best Protection
Against Virus Invaders

HAVE been the recipient of repeated email containing a destructive virus. The message is always the same: “Hi! How are you? I send you this file in order to have your advice. See you later. Thanks.”

I got the first such email in the summer. The sender was unfamiliar. Nevertheless, I opened the attachment. I was lucky that I had installed Norton Anti-Virus protection as my faithful guardian of the gate.

Norton Anti-Virus immediately warned me that the attachment is infected with a virus. I deleted the email right away.

Recently I got the same message in five emails on a single day. This time the sender’s name was someone I knew. I recognized the message, so I knew my friend was not responsible for sending this email – five at one time! – with infected attachments.

That’s how careful you have to be in opening your email. It may not contain a disease such as anthrax that’s dangerous to your body, but may bring you a bug that’s perilous to your computer and cause it to self-destruct.

Here is where Symantec comes to the rescue. The company, a world leader in Internet security, not only protects home consumers from outside invaders, but also secures big companies from destructive intruders.

In fact, Puerto Rico’s Office of Management and Budget selected Symantec anti-virus protection to secure its 125,000-user organization.

I strongly suggest you do the same, whether you’re a single user or head of a global chain. We all need protection against terrorists in cyberspace.

To that end Symantec has released new versions of their protective products for all computer users. Of course, they support Windows XP. For peace of mind in these critical times, consider the following essential productivity tools:

Norton Anti-Virus 2002 provides automatic virus detection and repair from viruses without interrupting work or slowing down your system. It scans incoming and outgoing email to stop viruses. You also get automatic Internet updates and seamless integration with Windows Explorer.

Norton SystemWorks 2002 is a great package, consisting of the latest versions of Norton Anti-Virus 2002, Norton Utilities 2002, Norton CleanSweep 2002, and GoBack 3 Personal Edition by Roxio (the latter helps you recover lost data faster and easier).

Norton SystemWorks 2002 Professional Edition consists of two extra values: Norton Ghost 2002 to help you back up your system and recover from emergencies, and WinFax that lets you send and receive faxes from your PC.

Norton Internet Security 2002 is an easy to use suite containing Norton Personal Firewall to defend against hackers, Norton AntiVirus to protect against viruses, Norton Privacy Control to keep personal data from being sent online to unsecured web sites without your knowledge, and Norton Parental Control to ensure the safety of your children when they’re on the Internet.

To order call 1 800 631-8124 or visit www.symantecstore.com.

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Pepper Escort for Protection,
Don’t Leave Home Without It

T’S not a toy and it’s not a firearm, but Dan McClarin assures that it will protect you against a predator. In his search for an effective non-lethal alternative to a firearm for self-protection, he found that the most effective way to stop an attack from man or beast was a device spraying oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray derived from hot peppers).

Pepper spray was developed to deter attacks by grizzlies, and is used against attacking humans and dogs.

After two years of research, McClarin, based in La Luz, New Mexico, developed a device that is gives off light, accurate and makes noise to startle.

What good is a self-protection device at night when you can’s see the perp? So this baby incorporates a flashlight.  And it is accurate. You are not about to spray yourself by accident. It also makes noise to scare away the attacker or attract attention and assistance.

With its powerful built-in flashlight, the Pepper Escort temporarily blinds the attacker, aims the pepper stream, and aids in escape.

“That is why we call it the light with a bite,” McClarin says.

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Scum Buster’s a Handy
Tool Around the House

LACK & DECKER has a nifty product that does the job of a score of housemaids. It’s the Scum Buster, a tool with hundreds of applications. This cordless power scrubber comes with ten accessories and storage caddy. Plus a rechargeable battery.

The accessories include a wide area brush and coarse scrub pad for the kitchen and bath, shampoo brush and nap lifter for the carpet, spiral wheel brush and mesh bonnet for the car, and heavy-duty pad for the outdoors.

The submersible scrubber simplifies a variety of cleaning tasks. You can scrub tub and tile, clean spots on the carpet, scrub patio furniture, and clean your car inside and out. To order this handy cleaning kit visit www.blackanddecker.com.

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