Soup’s scripted to sell

Soupy and The Friars’ Barry Dougherty

Nipsey Russell

Kenny Kramer

Soup’s On With
Red-Hot Gags

Story and Photos by Tim Boxer

S Mickey Freeman observed, “After 30 years on television, Soupy Sales looks the same as when he started.” Except now Soupy walks with a cane. No matter, he was in high spirits as he signed book after book at a party the New York Friars Club threw for his book, Soupy Sez: My Life and Zany Times (M. Evans Publishers).

“All the profits from the sale of his book tonight will go to charity,” Mickey declared. “Soupy wants to finish his basement.”

Barry Dougherty, editor of the Friars magazine, The Epistle, laughed along with Nipsey Russell, Kenny Kramer, Bobby Remsen, Charlie Calls, Marvin Scott, and Vincent Pastore (Pussy of The Sopranos).

With such a typical Friars crowd, all the old chestnuts were dug out. (Actually, I was disappointed. I didn’t get a pie!

“Your book saved my house,” Mickey said to the author. “I had a card table with one short leg.”

Serving as emcee for the event, Mickey said,  “They say beauty is skin deep, but ugly is Charlie Callas.”

Soupy’s book is a riotous account of his long successful career in Hollywood and New York. The book’s full of words of wisdom: “Always buy thermometers in the winter time. They’re much lower then.”

Soupy Sez:
My Life and
Zany Times
By Soupy Sales
M. Evans & Co.
288 pages
List Price: $21.95 Price:
Buy it!

Milton Supman was born in Franklinton, North Carolina, “primarily because I wanted to be near my mother.” His two brothers already had their nicknames – Leonard was Hambone and Jack was Chickenbone, so Milton became Soupbone.

His autobiography is highly readable, quite humorous. This book, from M. Evans and Company, is not only from Sales but also for sale. Scratch that. Just Buy it!

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