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Defragmenting Your Computer

E all know that disk fragmentation can cause performance problems, don’t we? So it’s only common sense that you should be running a defragmentation program on a regular basis.

We recommend Diskeeper 6.0  Second Edition from Executive Software.

There’s a reason why this is the best selling network defragmenter in the market. Diskeeper 6.0 includes features that will increase computer speeds as well. Such enhancements are welcome indeed.

A report from NSTL, an independent IT testing lab, presented at PC Expo in June at New York’s Javits Center, revealed that Diskeeper defragments a disk more thoroughly and from 300 to 500 percent faster than even the disk defragmenter included in Windows 2000 operating system.

Despite the increase in speed, Diskeeper “uses only one-third of the memory and one-fifth of the CPU resources when compared to other defragmenters. Says Joe Osgood, Executive Software product manager.

Furthermore, IT analysts at IDC determined that small businesses are losing mucho money every year due to the failure to defragment their computers with a network defragmenter like Diskeeper.

You don’t have to worry when you should defragment. Diskeeper will take note of fragmentation levels and adjust run time anywhere from every hour to once a week.

So it’s a good idea to get yourself a copy of Diskeeper 6.0. Install it and forget it – it runs in the background, unnoticed.

Estimated street price is $49.95. Order at www.diskeeper.com or get a 30-day trialware at www.execsoft.com.

Taking Music on the Road

ERE it is, the world’s first palm-size real-time MP3 recorder and player. With a 6GB hard drive, the unit can record up to 100 hours of high quality music or 500 hours of voice recordings from sources outside the Internet.

The Archos Jukebox HD-MP3 Recorder permits recording from any analog or digital source, including home stereo, radio, CD player.  With the unit’s built-in microphone, it can be used as a voice recorder.

“This Jukebox Recorder opens up a whole new era for MP3 devices,” Archos president Henri Crohas said, “which until now did not have the recording capability because they lacked the computing power to encode MP3 in real time.”

Designed for ultimate portability, the Jukebox Recorder is ideal for travelers who want to take their music with them. Priced at $349 at www.archos.com

Hard Drive in Your Palm

ITH the MiniHD you can back up your entire desktop hard drive and take it on the road with your laptop. This little 6GB unit, which fits in the palm of your hand, can hold 10,000 floppies worth of content. It’s the most portable hard drive on the market.

Whether your travel or not, it’s a great for backing up your computer. And when you’re on the go, you can take it along with your laptop. It’s good to have when you want to download your hard drive at the office and work at home.

Storage ranges from 6GB to 20 GB. Works with PC or Mac. Weighs only 6.5 ounces. Made in France by Archos for a price of  $269.

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