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Lox and Bagels
Fish and Loaves


RICHARD HOLBROOKE, U.S. ambassador to the UN, learned a trick or two about show business when Charlie Rose was interviewing him on television.

He noticed that Rose, who was dressed splendidly, allowed a cuff link to stay open during the entire show.

“Charlie had Cary Grant’s sartorial perfection,” Holbrooke said, “but with this one quirky thing.”

He couldn’t understand why Rose would allow such a minor thing to ruffle his tailored look.

“When I heard how much email he got about the open cuff link,” Holbrooke said, “I realized how that thing kept viewers glued to him – rather than to his guest.”

Holbrooke related the story at a Jerusalem Foundation dinner at the Waldorf, which honored Chicago business tycoon Lester Crown and John C. Whitehead, who served 15 years ago as deputy secretary of state under George Schultz.

The Rev. Dean James Parks Morton recalled the time Teddy Kollek, founder of the Jerusalem Foundation, came to the dedication of the tower at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Kollek brought a Jerusalem stone, which was used as the cornerstone of the tower.

“What do you have after the service?” Kollek asked.

“Coffee and cake, usually,” Morton said.

“No lox and bagels?” the Jerusalem mayor asked.

“Why, sure – that’s fish and loaves,” the reverend said.


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